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Easy IBS Flare-Up Prevention Tips



Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, has many symptoms that can range from uncomfortable to severe, depending upon the individual. Even though the main cause for IBS has not yet been determined, it has been disclosed that individuals often have triggers that seem to cause IBS flare-ups. Flare-up symptoms range from mild diarrhea to severe muscle spasms or abdominal cramping. Painful straining for bowel movements may be required as constipation is one of the most common complaints of irritable bowel syndrome. Many IBS flare-up prevention tips are inexpensive, easy to use, and known to work.

Avoid Stimulants

Avoiding stimulants is one of the easiest and best flare-up prevention tips. Tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulants can increase diarrhea. Coffee is one stimulant that is known to cause IBS flare-ups, even if the coffee is decaffeinated.

Avoid Overeating and Eat in the Correct Order

Avoid overeating and eat foods within the correct digestive order, as a simple IBS flare-up prevention tip that works. On a typical day, you should eat breakfast within one hour of waking up. Eat a serving of fruit, or one serving of whole grain, two servings of protein, and a healthy beverage, such as water, in that order. Eat at least two healthy snacks between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and the evening meal. Eat fruits first, then vegetables and grains, and then protein meats, such as chicken, beef, or tofu.

The digestive system does not take as long to digest fruits, vegetables, or grains as it does to digest proteins. Give yourself at least ten minutes to discover if you are still hungry. If you are, eat a small, but healthy, snack, such as a protein bar. Avoiding overeating and eating foods within the correct order can help to””>prevent IBS flare-ups.

Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the largest factors contributing to IBS flare-up symptoms. Since many anti-depressants are addictive, or they have adverse side effects, one easy way to prevent IBS flare-ups is to practice relaxation techniques regularly. Pray, meditate, use breathing techniques, and discontinue self-defeating thoughts. Inexpensive and easy ways to reduce stress include hot baths with essential oils, such as sandalwood, jasmine, yang-yang, or lavender.

Practice yoga, take a walk, draw, paint, listen to music, or create with clay. Stress reduction has been found to be one of the best ways to prevent flare-ups, yet many individuals do not understand the link it has to IBS symptoms or why stress reduction works. The higher the stress level, the more you will focus on the IBS symptoms, making the muscle cramps worse, and creating stress-related diarrhea.

Avoid Food Additives or Artificial Sweeteners

Removing food additives, such as carrageen and non-nutritive sweeteners is one easy and inexpensive method for improving IBS flare-ups. Carrageen is a food additive used to thicken foods, including cottage cheese, soymilk, yogurt, and ice cream. This food additive has been linked to animal intestinal ulcerations and has been linked to IBS symptoms in humans. Artificial sweeteners including, sorbitol, aspartame, and xylitol are found in foods that are often labeled as sugar-free, lite, or diet.

These non-nutritive sweeteners have been linked to symptoms of diarrhea and muscle cramps. They can be also found in gum, mints, and candy. Avoid any foods that you suspect trigger your IBS symptoms, avoid dairy foods, and balance the amount of fiber that is in your diet. Adhering to these easy, inexpensive, and safe prevention tips can quickly help to improve your IBS flare-up symptoms.