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The Value Of Essential Oils



There might still be some debate as to the legitimacy of essential oils but most of the arguments against them are quickly disintegrating. Their extreme popularity has led to a substantial amount of research and each new study seems to support the claims that essential oils contain numerous restorative, healing, and preventative benefits. There are dozens and dozens of different essential oils and they have a wide range of uses.

Take the time to investigate the available options and try some of them out. Start by researching based on your personal health needs. You will find that many of the oils have primary and secondary uses so begin by sampling the oils that are best suited to your immediate needs.

Lemon, lavender, and peppermint, three of the most popular and highly regarded essential oils, are great examples of the types of health benefits that can come from the proper utilization of essential oils.  Here’s a quick overview of just three of these essential oils.


Lemon essential oil is popular because of it’s sweet and refreshing, citrusy scent. But the pleasant smell is not the only reason it is so widely used. Lemon essential oil holds health benefits ranging from skin enhancement to an effective cleaning supply.

By simply applying a couple of drops to oily skin or blemishes it will help to balance skin and minimize oil production. Reduction and healing of calluses ban be accomplished by rubbing lemon essential oil onto the imperfection on the skin. The lemon essential oil can also be extremely useful as a cleaning supply. Use two or three drops of lemon essential oil to help remove glue, gum, and grease spots or put a few drops of lemon to a measure of water in a spray bottle to gain a revitalizing scent that will help to sanitize surfaces.


The most well-known benefit of using peppermint essential oil is improved digestion. A drop of peppermint essential oil in a cup of herbal tea will help to regulate an imbalanced digestive system (and add a pleasant flavor). Minor stomach discomfort can be decreased with two or three drops of peppermint essential oil applied topically to the abdomen or wrists. Head pressure can be alleviated by rubbing a drop to your temples, forehead, or sinuses. Studies have also shown that the use of peppermint essential oil can enhance concentration, sustain energy, and function as a minor appetite suppressant.


Lavender essential oil is perhaps the most versatile and popular of the essential oils. If you are just beginning to try essential oils, this would be a great one to start with. Lavender facilitates the body’s ability to adjust to stress so it can work as a relaxant before going to bed while also functioning as an energy and stamina booster. Lavender improves skin health as well if two or three drops are rubbed onto dry skin or applied to minor burns. Many people also massage the oil into the scar tissue to effectively reduce the appearance of scars.