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How Bluetooth Technology is Used in The Health Industry



Bluetooth has been in the health industry for a number of years now. It can help people who have everyday illnesses such as diabetes and heart conditions monitor their health and well-being.

You might be wondering what Bluetooth is, how it works, and how we use it in the health industry. Below are a number of reasons and explanations of why Bluetooth technology is helping people get on with their everyday, healthy lives using modern technology.

Firstly, it’s important to know what it is and how it works. Bluetooth technology uses radio frequencies to communicate one device to another, such as a mobile phone with a heart rate monitor. This is useful for connecting devices wirelessly as Bluetooth doesn’t need any wires to work. In fact, you can control a device with Bluetooth installed with Bluetooth remote control or through your mobile. This can allow you to switch things, control them, or collect data from them from a distance usually up to 50ft.

How we use it in the health industry is vast, and there are new and exciting breakthroughs with technology every day. In the health industry, Bluetooth technology is used in a number of different health monitoring devices. It can be used to measure a diabetes patient’s blood sugar levels, for example, when they are driving or in a situation where they may need to stop to take their insulin. It can also be used in cars when a diabetes patient is driving in order for them to know how their blood sugar levels are doing and if they may need to pull over if their levels are unpredictable or unstable and they are prone to relapses and fits.

The amount of Bluetooth health care devices such as monitors and stethoscopes are going up in use throughout the health care profession year on year. This is because there are numerous benefits to using Bluetooth technology in the health industry. One benefit is that it is inexpensive. This is a huge bonus for health care professionals as it means the costs can be saved when it comes to using Bluetooth technology and therefore, it will enable the money to be spent on other expensive health care equipment which may not be able to have a function with Bluetooth. Another benefit of using Bluetooth is a lack of wires and the fact it is a greener technology. Named “low energy technology”, these breakthroughs in today’s designs mean it uses less power and less valuable fossil fuels to work. Bluetooth technology enables monitors and sensors to shrink in size too as they aren’t required to use such big batteries.

Overall, Bluetooth is one of the leading wireless technology solutions in the health and fitness industries. Thanks to Bluetooth smart technology it is possible to listen to your heart with a wireless stethoscope, know what your glucose levels are like through your phone, monitor epilepsy patients prone to seizures, and measure your heart rate with tiny a wireless heart rate monitor.