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Weight Loss

Losing Weight with Water and Tea



Do you know that water and tea can be used for weight loss too? If you are feeling tired, stressed out, and bloated, you may turn to a diet including drinking plenty of liquid such as water or tea especially herbal teas which include natural efficient ingredients. Also, a lot of liquid will make you feel full and reduce hunger what is beneficial for weight loss.

Water benefits

  1. All you have to do is to drink water upon waking up in the morning and 1 1/2 hour before taking meals. According to Oprah’s trainer drinking a glass of water 1 1/2 hour before each meal will make you feel full so you will tend to eat less than when you don’t drink water.
  2. Stop drinking sodas and replace them with water. Do you know that artificial sweeteners found in sodas can increase your appetite and not just that, they also contain lots of calories too? Replacing sodas with water will help you lose weight faster and also make you healthier.
  3. If you want fruit juices, you should dilute them with water and lessen the sugar and calorie content in them.
  4. You can also eat water-rich foods such as berries which will not just keep you hydrated but also make you fuller.
  5. You can make your water tasty by squeezing lemon juice to it too.

Green tea benefits

Green tea has the ability to help you lose weight and you also get the number of antioxidants that are enough for the body’s needs. Green tea also protects you from diseases when taken regularly. Green tea is best for those who would like to lose weight because it contains natural properties that increase the body’s metabolism so you can burn more fats and more calories. A green tea diet helps to lose weight by filling your stomach up. Green tea can also be taken before meals. It will help you become full so you will tend to eat less every meal. Through this, you will be able to lose weight faster too. However green tea has caffeine so it’s not suggested that you drink it in the evening.

Tea and water are both essential to the health of people especially those who are looking for effective ways to lose weight without artificial or chemically formulated products such as pills that can also harm their health. Particularly, Tava green tea is strongly recommended due to its unique mix and consistent results.