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Hiring A Caregiver: Important Questions To Ask



Hiring a caregiver is a big step for any family. The realization that you or a loved one needs help on a daily or weekly basis can be difficult. There are a few things that should be asked of all caregivers before hiring. Here is some pertinent information in the hiring process.

Start With the Basics

Like any other interviewing process; start with the basic questions before going further. First and foremost, you want to ensure that the person the company will send is going to be dependable. Do the drug test and do a background check on all employees? Before letting anyone inside the home, make sure they are safe and that the company makes sure they are.

Do They Provide Alternative Care?

In the event that the caregiver you have come to trust is ill, does the company have back up? Many companies are short-staffed and if a person is ill there is no cover person. While you may be able to go without services for a day or two, what happens when the illness is extended? Finding out ahead of time is best what their plan of action is.

Are They Bonded and Insured?

The company needs to be bonded and insured, verify this before hiring them. They send employees into the home and if they steal or damage something, you want to be protected. When looking for home care solutions, you want to ensure that you know all the little details upfront. Being bonded and insured is a big detail that cannot be overlooked.

What If There Are Injuries With Their Employees?

If the person the agency sends to your home should become injured, do they have insurance to cover this? This one is a big question because there are numerous companies out there that have minimum standards. Ensure that your insurance is not responsible for any accidents or incidents that occur as a direct result of a home health care employee. If the agency does not provide coverage, look to another company. This should be standard with most reputable companies. Some insurance policies will not cover domestic employees.

Who Will Supervise My Worker?

While there are many great home health workers, there are a few cases when a person does not work out. What is the companies’ policy for checking on an employee? Will they send around a supervisor periodically to check up on the work and their services? Know who and how to report issues with a worker.

By asking a few questions, it is easy to find great home health solutions that work for you and your family. Because of the large number of agencies that do this type of service, it is always best to ask many questions and to interview potential companies.