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What Is Rosacea And Why Does It Occur?



It is highly unlikely that you will have never seen somebody who has the condition of rosacea. It is something that tends to primarily show up as redness on the facial area and it can vary in its severity from one person to another. It can cause a lot of irritation to those who suffer from it and here are some of the symptoms as well as the things that can cause it.

Why does rosacea occur?

It can often be the case that rosacea is passed on genetically and the experts have said that slightly different kinds of facial blood vessels are the root cause behind the condition. The exact reason why this happens is as yet unknown but there are also a number of different factors that can play a part in rosacea occurring.

Particularly warm weather and humid surroundings can typically cause redness in the face and for those that have rosacea, it can result in the visible signs showing up much more clearly. It is definitely true to say that some individuals are more prone to blushing than others in certain situations and it is suggested that these people are the ones who are the most susceptible to rosacea possibly developing. Alcohol is often cited as something that can bring on the symptoms, as is high blood pressure and even spicier foods.

What should you look out for?

Although rosacea is a condition that is strongly linked to the face it can also show itself on the body in areas such as the chest and neck. A lot of facial itching, stinging and swollen eyes can be indicators of rosacea, and red areas that do not appear to have affected the rest of your face should also be looked out for. The sign that most would probably associate with rosacea is a permanent redness in the face and it is also quite possible for the blood vessels themselves to show up. The nose can be greatly impacted upon in this way and thickness of the skin and blemishes are also common symptoms.

What can you do if you have rosacea?

Treatments for rosacea continue to be developed and it is important that each sufferer is treated for it with a focus on their individual needs. The routine that you use with regard to your skincare should be looked at and discussed with a professional because you can certainly help the condition by the products you use.