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Frequently Asked Questions for Liposuction Procedure



I was quite adamant with my resolve back then not to undergo any cosmetic surgery. I resulted in extreme diets and even extreme hour length for exercise. But weight won’t budge. My doctors were already complaining due to the weight gain I have which, they say it won’t budge, will have bad complications for my health. I was always careful of my weight; I have this minor heart problem then. That’s when I was advised to finally get under the knife.

The weight that weighed me down for a few months now has finally gone. I was happy to be able to get rid of it. AS for now, I was just able to maintain it. After my weight loss and the procedure, my friends bombarded me with lots of questions about what I underwent.

And I suddenly become a health guru/ lipo guru for that! They asked me the same and the same questions which I answered wholeheartedly. Now, what are these frequently asked questions posted by my acquaintances? Here they are, you might be asking these things too.

What are the procedures I can undergo to lose weight?

For surgery, you can have liposuction, just like with my case. But aside from that, there may be other treatments that can suffice. It depends on your body needs too.

How can you be sure it is effective?

So after the procedure, I myself had a clear view of what has changed in me. And after days and weeks, I saw more improvements too. That is together with the right diet and exercise, the way to maintain it. I am sure because I am a recipient of one.

Where do I get the best or legitimate doctor and clinic?

This one was asked by my best friend. I told her there are many on the internet. But then be careful. Look for the registered and the certified ones. Check it from the local listings and ask friends. Look for great reviews for the doctor or clinic.

What can be the risks of doing it?

In everything we do there will be a risk, with medical surgeries especially. But, there is a hair-thin risk of fatalities in liposuction. You can be sure of it though because you will be running tests just before the exam. I have gone through a thorough one. Mental, emotional, and physical tests.

When can you do it?

As soon as you have the okay from your doctor. Just make sure you are physically fit for the operation. But if there are no complications, you can do it as soon as possible. But be sure to schedule everything you planned for the surgery time frame, your work, appointments, and parties.

 I’ve got more of those questions from my treasure box here but this can’t fit in here. I’ll probably do a part two for this. But in the meantime, I hope this will suffice. Give that procedure a shot and it will make a difference in your life just as it did for me.