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Against All Odds: Miraculous Recoveries



The three people we are about to look at can only be described as incredibly lucky. All of them had life-threatening problems and all defied the odds to make miraculous recoveries. Read on to have your heart warmed in a world full of the negative press!

Broken Heart Self Heals

Michael Crowe was a normal 23-year-old Pharmacology student at the University of Nebraska. However, in the summer of 2012, he suffered from an inflammation of the heart muscle. Initially, due to the symptoms he was suffering, Michael thought he had the flu.

However, his condition quickly deteriorated and he was admitted to the hospital where he was diagnosed with blood poisoning. Doctors feared the worse and gave him a 30% chance of recovery and his family decided to put him on the waiting list for a heart transplant, desperate to do anything that could save him.

Months later, with Michael still extremely ill, the family was told that there was a heart available for transplant. However, doctors decided that Michael was too ill to undergo rigorous transplant surgery.

Rather miraculously, just a few hours later it was noticed that Michael’s blood pressure was starting to improve and it was as though his body had sprung back into life to battle the infection. Slowly but surely Michael’s heart began to work normally again and a scan revealed there was no permanent damage or scarring. Michael’s doctors are shocked by what they describe as his ‘miraculous recovery’.

Teenagers Face ‘Grows Back’

Eva Uhlin, now 22, contracted the rare condition Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis after taking paracetamol for a fever. The condition is also known as Lyells Syndrome after Alan Lyell, the Scottish dermatologist who first categorized the condition back in the 1970s.

The morning after Eva took the tablets she woke up with painful blisters all over her face and which were starting to spread across the rest of her body. As you might expect, she was rushed to the hospital and housed in their burns unit where her skin began to fall off as the doctors examined her.

TENs cause the epidermis to detach from bottom layers of skin all over the body and Eva was quickly diagnosed with this condition. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for people suffering from TENs and Eva simply had to wait for it to run its course.

The detachment of the skin leaves the body exposed to infections and other diseases and for 30% to 40% of people with TENs, it can prove fatal. After a month-long stay in the hospital, Eva was discharged but the chances of long term side effects to her skin and eyes were high. The reaction continued for a number of years and she had to go back for a number of check-ups and constantly remain on medication. Considering the mortality rate Eva is very lucky to be alive and even luckier to have made a full recovery, with her the skin on her face had completely grown back!

Hit & Run Recovery

Whilst on a family holiday in Hawaii, Shelli Eldredge had a severe moped accident that broke her pelvis, jaw, cheekbones, and a number of other bones in her body. Due to loss of blood, Shelli went into hypovolemic shock but luckily the doctors at the hospital she had been taken to managed to revive her.

In the next two days Shelli underwent over 6 operations and despite low odds managed to pull through everyone. However, on the third day, she did not wake up, having developed complications that could lead to heart and lung failure. She was put on life support and after a few days, the doctors began to speak of letting her go.

Her husband Stephen would not hear of this and persuaded the doctors to let her be transferred to a hospital near their family home in Utah. The doctors agreed and for several weeks Shelli remained in a coma. Slowly though, she began to show signs of consciousness and become able to communicate.

She couldn’t remember very much from the months leading up to the accident or the accident itself but it is thought that she suffered from a hit and run on the road that day. 17 operations later, Shelli is able to walk and despite needing further surgery she is thankful to have been given her life back.