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Healthy Breakfasts – Are They The Answer To Weight Loss?



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the news is very rarely free of articles advocating the importance of breakfast and how having a meal in the morning speeds up to one’s metabolism. I understand that on the breakfast front there are very much two sides to this argument.

Breakfast Groups

Group one is the breakfast lovers who just do not have the time to delve into their favorite breakfast delight due to their desire to sleep longer; Group two are the people who just do not wish anything to pass their lip until midday when the lunch pangs hit them.

Now I hate to say it however, with regards to group two, I cannot offer any advice apart from what you already know, which is breakfast is a must for those who wish to lose weight and keep it off in an efficient way as well as having a healthy start to the day.

Group one, however, there is hope in sight. Everyone understands the importance of at least allowing something to pass your lips before you have lunch.  I am also of the opinion that having breakfast keeps your energy levels up without allowing them to slump before they shoot up again after lunch.

They now say the key to keeping your figure slim is to eat as early as possible and of course, avoid those late-night trips to the kebab shop after having a few.

My Love of Breakfast

I am personally of the school of having breakfast, I might as go as far as to say that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. This passion for breakfast might have arisen from boarding school indoctrination over seven years where breakfast was vital in order to survive the long days.

Despite my love for the first meal of the day, I also am a huge fan of sleeping in which provides one with a huge predicament during the working week. I have now found a solution for this irritating scenario which is by having breakfast at my desk.

Now I know this is hardly revolutionary but I must say it has revolutionized my life by enabling me to have my cake and eat it, although in this case, I am eating healthy granola instead of cake! I am of course, aware of the recent media storm that states that eating at your desk is unhygienic and not beneficial however, as the saying goes, “Needs must when the devil grinds or in the case when the tummy grumbles.

My Breakfast Saviour

I now have an assortment of breakfast cereals lining my desk to satisfy any food mood that might take me. One of my favorites is Lizi’s Granola as it is extremely nutritious and always fills me up. I realize everyone has a penchant for that chocolaty milk leftover after coco-pops but Lizi has that naughty feel without the naughty food impact.

I never have a mid-morning craving and one bowlful does fill me up until lunch. Lizi’s also comes in various flavors aimed at everyone from the chocolate fiend to the organic lifestyle individual which I believe satisfies most people’s cereal desires.

Lizi’s is also great for those who are following a low G.I diet or have problems with their sugar levels like myself. Everything added into Lizi’s is low G.I which means the natural sugars in the product are released slowly therefore not flooding the body with too much sugar causing sugar highs and lows!

The granola is full of seeds that give it an interesting texture and provide you with necessary vitamins and minerals which in my mind can only be seen as a huge bonus to this delicious, healthy cereal.

Benefits of Lizi’s Granola

Overall, I believe that Lizi’s has provided me with the perfect solution to my breakfast/sleeping dichotomy and has allowed me to eat healthily and be healthy whilst eating at my desk. I would advocate the wonders of Lizi’s being a healthy breakfast to anyone who would listen now as it has completely reformed my eating habits and has prevented me from indulging my 11 am energy slump.

With regards to whether breakfast is the answer to weight loss, I would strongly advocate that they are part of the key to weight loss, and having breakfast definitely has more advantages than disadvantages. This is obviously a blanket application and there are of course going to be those people who just function better without having breakfast however I would say on the whole having a bowl of healthy cereal in the morning helps the majority of people stay healthy and achieve the weight they want.