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What We Need to Know Before Hearing Test



All the sensory organs coordinate with each other with the help of nerves and make an individual develop the cognitive skills and be smart in the task or responsibility. Ear the organ of hearing pick up the waves of sound through the air. The eardrum vibrates to the waves in the middle ear and passes it to the next part of the ear, Cochlea.

The electric signals created by the membrane of tiny hair cells here, are sent to the brain by auditory nerves for understanding and reacting. The function of the ear is very important and sometimes, due to several reasons, people or children come across the problems of hearing loss.

Hearing loss is the inability to hear the sounds and mild hearing loss refers to the miss of soft and minute sounds. It is essential and compulsory to perform screening program among the children and people to detect the suspected deviation of hearing for further treatment.

If these hearing tests are ignored children may miss the vital instructions given in the classroom. The mild hearing loss may disturb the skills of reading and learning. If it is not detected at an early stage, the child may find it difficult and at school, they can be even charged for not paying attention. This may result in speech impede and school failures.

Adults at occupation noise exposure

The industries which are involved with the huge noise of machinery, an employer must take the responsibility of screening the hearing power of every employee. The intensity and duration become a fact for the extent of damage in occupational based noise exposure.

Monitoring the noise exposure, conducting audiometric testing, baseline audiogram and annual audiogram could prevent temporary damage leading into permanent. The hearing protectors could be given and advised to wear for conserving the hearing efficiency.

Hearing loss may trouble in communicating like speaking and language that would result in social difficulties of getting embarrassed. The confidence fails, risks increase while traveling or riding, tiresome listening and some find pain with ears. It is better to avoid such critics and get yourself screened for hearing tests.

Guidelines before hearing test

When you detect some hearing loss and getting for hearing tests here are some tips you need to know before the examination

  • Do not disturb your ears for cleaning with cotton swabs or any other instruments or items before going for a test. This may lead to bleeding to push the earwax deeper.
  • Remove your earrings and other accessories like glasses, hairpins or clips that could disturb your evaluation and comfort
  • Freshen up your mind without stress and get yourself comfortable with the seat and take a deep breath
  • Use the bathroom if needed to relax before the start
  • Do not be in a hurry, or get distracted. If you are disturbed, get your appointment rescheduled.
  • Listen to the instructions carefully given by the clinician. If not sure with the instructions ask them to repeat
  • Understand the happenings and ask for clarifications or explanations
  • Proceed only when the equipment used by the clinician is comfortable and tolerable
  • Respond properly to determine the level sounds

The evaluation and testing could prevent further hearing loss and make you confident and socially respectable.