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Does Being Jobless Affect Your Health?



Nearly 20 million Americans are depressed, and the majority of depression is caused by a lack of job security and efficient work. Not having a job can affect your health in many ways, because it leads to insecurities, finical stress, cultural pressure, and other factors that lead to depression. Mental health is not stable if people are concerned about work.

Recessions has hit many industries. If you are struggling to find work, you may not be in the right segment, or maybe you are looking in the right companies. As many as 49% of employers in all industries are experiencing difficulty filling open positions within their organizations.

Skilled Trades

Many industries, like carpenters, machinery, and steelworkers are actually having a difficult time filling their open positions. Many skilled works continue to find work elsewhere that often pays better. This deficit leaves many open positions and employers looking for workers who are skilled.


Being an engineer can be rewarding and also challenging if trying to find a job in this current marketplace. Engineers are very specialized and the market continues to flatline. Many people do not look for new work if they are stuck in a job they are not happy with.

Sales & Marketing

Sales positions are open and plentiful during this time of the economy. The problem is retaining good workers who stay around. Many sales and marketing positions are open and filled but the turn over rate is rather high. Many people leave their sales jobs to go look for more prosperous work or open their own sales and marketing company.


People who work in the transportation industry should be looking up. There are many unfilled positions. Taxi drivers, bus drivers for school, or the city or truck drivers are all in high demand. You can find a job quickly if you want to be on the road for your day job. Drivers put their risk in danger as many conditions such as unexpected roads, weather, and other drivers make this occupation one of the most dangerous ever.


If you want fulfilling work look into being a mechanic. There are many open jobs in this type of industry. Mechanics are really connected to their skillset and natural talents. You can make a good living doing what you love. The bottom line is there is work out there. there are many professions and industries that are looking for good quality workers.