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Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity During Flu Season



The flu virus is spreading quickly. Many people are getting hit with the flu without even realizing how sick they can become. Whether you get a flu shot or not, there is still controversy and uncertainty around flu shots. We don’t always have to get a flu shot to avoid the flu, in fact, your body can naturally fight the flu in these easy ways. If you or someone you know is sick with the flu these tips can help.

Eat More Garlic

Many people don’t realize that garlic is actually an antibacterial agent! Know that it is almost therapeutic in its raw form. Although it is best in its raw form to fight infection, most people can’t eat it straight because it is so potent. You can chop or mince it up and put it into salad dressings and dips. It is a tasty treat that can keep the flu away.

Get More Vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been known for its awesome and powerful antioxidant powers. Instead of turning isolated forms of vitamin C, you can get it fresh in natural food sources. Leafy greens, oranges, lemon, broccoli, red pepper, berries, and kiwi. You can make a smoothie and drink your vitamin c or eat more fruits and vegetables.

Get More Sleep

If you are not getting enough sleep you could be tired, moody and your immune system runs down. To avoid the nasty side effects of lack of sleep, simply get more sleep. You can avoid the flu when you take care of yourself.

Brush Your Teeth

The reality is bacteria and flu virus enters into your body through your mouth. You can fight off bacteria and/or viruses by taking better care of your oral health. Brushing your teeth after every meal will make a difference.

Avoid Sugar

There are healthy sugars and not so healthy sugars. Loading your body with refined white sugar can decrease your immune system from functioning perfectly. Try to eat fruits with natural sugar vs processed foods.

What you eat will make a difference in your overall health and the ability to get the flu.