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New Year’s Resolutions: Is Your Community with You or Against You?



A New Year means another list of resolutions that you may or may not keep. If you’re like most people, chances are getting fit and losing weight are hiding somewhere on that list. Will you keep your resolution(s)? Did you know that your community and where you live play a major role in whether you keep your resolution or not?

Is Your Community Fit?

Simply put, do you live in a community that supports and promotes access to outdoor activities? Trails, parks, pools, and other amenities that are free to use can be very helpful and alleviate any excuses that you may come up with to get out of exercising.  It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re driving by a path with other people walking on it, you’re going to say for yourself, “I’ve got get out and go for a walk or run.”

This will happen especially if you are consciously trying to get in shape.  If your community is fit then they will have plenty of community sponsored runs and walks. Turkey trots and spring fun runs are good examples that are often found in communities that help support an active lifestyle.  These events aren’t just for you, many communities have family runs which will help you achieve your goal by getting the whole family involved.

Motivating Neighbors

Another factor in whether your community can help you stay fit are your neighbors. Do you drive through your neighborhood and see people out walking, running, or biking? Or do you live in a neighborhood where the streets are empty of activity?  If you have a trail system or large parks with open space and your neighbors are out running, walking, biking, or just playing in the park, you’re going to be motivated to get out too.

If your neighbors are active then they’re going to talk about a run they had, a hike they went on and it will trigger you to think, “I need to do that too.”  Exercising is contagious, you almost feel guilty if everyone else is doing it and you’re not.  It’s as if you’re not taking advantage of your neighborhood’s amenities.

Where You Live Matters

Ultimately, whether you follow through with your New Year’s resolution is up to you, but if you live in a community where health and fitness are promoted then you are more likely to succeed.  A “fit” community with plenty of amenities will get you to your goal.