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3 Superfoods for Super Energy



Energy does not come in a bottle or from a cup of coffee. The energy to move around and stay productive in everyday life comes from the healthy foods that you eat. If you eat the right foods, you will get the right energy. Here are three superfoods that will boost your energy levels the natural way.

Superfood 1: Berries

The first superfood should already be on your plate right now. Berries are the ultimate source of energy in your life. Berries are high in vitamins, fructose (an excellent type of sugar), and antioxidants. We all know the benefit of vitamins like C which help boost your immune system. Berries are loaded with vitamin C. The less time you spend sick, the more time you stay healthy and productive. Fructose has a lower glycemic index than glucose (like bread and starches).

This means that your body digests them slower which is not only healthier for you but allows you to experience more balanced energy levels so you don’t feel hyper or sluggish. Antioxidants are the super cancer-fighting molecules that stop oxidation and help the body regulate almost every system in the body. If you wanted to know what the best berries to eat are, a good adage is “the smaller the berry, the better.” Small berries like blueberries have boosted levels of antioxidants.

Superfood 2: Omega-3s!

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like fish and most nuts (ex. almonds and walnuts) have an amazing effect on the body’s energy levels. Not only do omega-3s lower your risk of heart disease and arthritis, but they may also help with memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

There are even studies being performed to gauge the effect that omega-3s have on depression. If you want to feel more alert and focused and increase your productivity eat more fish and nuts or supplement omega-3s into your diet.

Superfood 3: Green Tea

Although not technically a food, Green Tea is taken with food and easily earns its place on this superfood list. Green tea typically has lower levels of naturally occurring caffeine which is better for you than drinks that have caffeine dumped into them.

The result is that it gives you that little edge and not the burst and later crash that too much caffeine gives you (forget about getting the caffeine-fueled coffee tremors). Green tea has also been shown to lower cholesterol and is a great source of antioxidants.

If you build your diet around these three superfoods, you will feel better and more energetic and not get those drowsy or shaky feelings from other things like sodas and energy drinks. Eat these foods for a natural boost in energy that lasts a lifetime.