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Getting Your Favorite Celebrity’s Fabulous Just-Out-of-the-Plane Look



Often we would see celebrities walk the airport after a long flight unruffled, stylish, and still beautiful. So if you’re a normal human you would be bothered as to how they pulled it off after a cramping seat in the plane, the arid air, and the liquid product restrictions.

It only takes a few simple tips though to look like your favorite celebrity’s just gone down of the plane look. And that would mean no dry hair, no dry skin, no caked makeup, and no exhausted look for you.

Now here are a few of those tips to be plane fabulous!

Tip #1. Moisturize your hair before boarding the plane. Lots of leave-on products are available in the market. That would save you from a bad hair day after the flight.

Tip #2. Bring moisturizers for face and body, your cake foundation, stick concealer, your hairbrush, your oil blotter, and your sunglasses. Opt for solid products. If the liquid is unavoidable though take the next tip.

Tip #3. Address the airport restriction on liquid beauty products with this tip. It doesn’t mean that you will have to go through your flight without it. Put your beauty essentials in small oz refill, preferably 3 oz bottles, and put everything in one clear plastic, 1-quart plastic to be exact and with everything locked in.

Tip #4. You got your skincare products on hand. What to do? Spritz in Evian or rosewater to your face and hair twice, during the plane ride and after the flight or as needed as you deem so. This keeps moisture locked. Take it from your favorite celebrities.

Tip #5. Dab on some moisturizer on your face and hand. A well-moisturized skin is a whole lot different from a not moisturized one especially with the recycled air in the plane. With it, you will avoid getting that annoying dry skin after the flight.

Tip #6. Drink lots of water during the flight. It’s a well-known secret.

Tip #7. Bring a small comfy pillow (if possible) and wear comfortable yet stylish clothes. What does it do to achieve you’re out of the plane celebrity look? Well getting comfortable in the plane can give you a rested look, eliminating that dark circles under your eyes after the flight. Or if you can’t use your concealer or your chic sunglasses. For clothes, try that ultra-stylish big blouses paired with stretchable jeans and comfy boots.

Tip #8. Retouch before landing.

Tip #9. Project the air of a celebrity, be confident! Walk down that airport feeling like the most beautiful woman there. That makes the difference.

Now, you can go down that airport celebrity like, in looks and in stride. It’s as simple as the tips above.