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Laughter is a Valuable Tool for Caregivers



Improve your mood by improving your health

Being a caregiver is serious work. Making certain a person has their medications, is taken on time for medical visits as well as having a proper diet, getting exercise, and more are challenges caregivers face on a daily basis. Is there any benefit to providing humor as well? According to some studies, humor is a great tool to help people suffering from a variety of illnesses.

Science proves the value of humor

During the past decades, there have been studies conducted that have measured the effects of laughter on a person’s health. It appears laughter can be a powerful healer in many cases. Laughter has been credited with improving a person’s blood flow, reducing their stress levels, increasing their immune response, lowering their levels of pain, and more.

It may be a challenge for some caregivers to provide humor. It may also be the one thing the caregiver and patient need the most.

Start slowly

Some researchers recommend caregivers start a journal of things they see as funny. It could be a funny experience, a joke, or even something seen on a television show. The important thing is for the caregiver to keep a list of things that make them laugh, and be willing to share them with their patient. The patient may find it funny, and the caregiver may laugh at it again.

Humor is an art

If a caregiver isn’t used to viewing the world as a funny place, they may just need to practice. It’s important for a person to be able to laugh at themselves. Sharing stories about the humor associated with making mistakes can be priceless. There are people who feel they can’t tell jokes, and the reality is they just need to practice saying them. With a little effort, having an arsenal of jokes can help combat a variety of difficult situations.

Look at things differently

The role of being a caregiver can be stressful. It’s too easy to dwell on the negative aspects. That’s why it’s important for the caregiver to be able to remove themselves from the situation and look at their life with a bit of humor. The more this is done, the easier it becomes. Humor can be a tool to provide a caregiver and their patient some life balance.

Learn from others

It’s also good to share with other caregivers who have harnessed the power of laughter. They can be great mentors, as well as a source of humorous material. A quick visit to an online forum, or even a support group, can provide the perfect opportunity to both learn and share with others.