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Bathing: The Secret to a More Healthy Life?



The ancient Romans might have been on to something: in fact, their obsession with building bathhouses wherever they settled may have been more than just a frivolous indulgence…

These days, most of us have access to bathing facilities, but not everyone chooses to take time out to soak in a bath, especially with the option of rapid, hygienic power-showers being commonplace in most modern homes;

If you have a tub that you rarely use, you might want to consider the health benefits that you could enjoy if you choose to relax in a bath instead of taking a shower.

Reduce your stress levels

Sure, showers can be relaxing in their own way: but slipping into a fragrant, pleasantly hot bath is a different experience entirely: whilst a shower bombards your skin with invigorating jets of water, a placid bath is a much more serene environment from which to while away an evening.

Taking a bath can also give you more options than you’d have available with a shower: you can moisturize your skin and add fragrant notes to your bath with the addition of oils, light some scented candles to fill the air with delicate aromas, or listen to a waterproof stereo system (or even relax in total silence: something not possible with even the quietest shower units).

Relax your muscles

Bathing in a hot bath allows pressure to be taken off your muscles, giving you a chance to rest properly; by keeping your muscles submerged in a hot bath, your muscles will relax deeply, without having to constantly fight gravity as they would if you were keeping your balance by standing under a shower.

Also, taking some real quality time out to enjoy a hot bath for an extended period of time lets the heat fully radiate into your body, helping to reduce tension and leave you feeling completely relaxed by the time you slip into your bathrobe.

Clear your sinuses

For those of us with blocked sinuses, a steamy bath can really work wonders and help to improve breathing: try menthol or eucalyptus based bath products to help soothe a stubborn cold, but be sure to seek medical advice if you have any breathing issues or other health concerns.

Get rid of dead skin

Whilst showers are great at removing dirt and dead skin from the body, a bath allows the skin to get fully moisturized: if you add a loofa or bath-mitt into your routine, you’ll be able to exfoliate in a highly effective manner, meaning that you’ll emerge from the bathroom with a glowing, radiant complexion and healthy skin.