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Getting Back to Being Yourself After Having a Baby



If you’re a new mother, you probably feel like everything in your life has changed.  This is a wonderful and happy time, but chances are good that you’re also feeling pretty drained.  You have a lot of new responsibilities, you’re not getting as much sleep, you’re more stressed than ever and your body has done all these weird things that you weren’t fully prepared for.

If this isn’t your first child, it may be even worse.  Once the brand-new mother feeling has passed, get back to feeling like yourself!  It can be as intense as looking into cosmetic surgery to help you look like yourself again, or as simple as picking back up your favorite hobby for a little time each week, depending on your needs.  Here are the two biggest things to get back to feeling like you again quickly.

Take time to do your favorite things.

If you have a hobby like crocheting, sewing, or other types of crafting, this may be easy.  You can work on projects while your baby is napping, and if you have older children, you can teach them some skills that they may enjoy and that will keep them occupied so you can have some peace and quiet for yourself.

Whatever your hobby is, just be aware of your baby’s safety – put scissors and sharp objects out of reach of prying fingers, keep paints and toxic chemicals tucked away in a safe spot, and don’t let your baby get a hold of buttons or small objects that could be a choking hazard.

If your hobbies are more physically involved, like running, look for a stroller or equipment that allows you to bring your baby along.  If you like to go out with friends to the club, find a babysitter one night a week to allow you still have that time for yourself.  An unhappy, stressed mom makes for an unhappy baby.

Get your pre-baby body back.

If you’re a first-time mom and you’re young, getting back to looking like you didn’t have a baby could be as easy as an enhanced workout routine, a healthy diet, and a lot of ambition.  You may also want to consider a skin regimen to help with stretch marks, or special products for any other pregnancy-specific changes you went through.

If your pregnancy was a lot harder on your body than you expected, or if you’re not planning on any more children, now might also be the time to consider some help with getting your body back.  You may want to look into cosmetic surgery, or find a surgeon in your area.  Cosmetic surgery doesn’t just mean nose jobs anymore.

A good surgeon can get your tummy back into place, make your chest look great again, and even help you get your most delicate parts feeling better with cosmetic gynecology.

If you’re worried about taking the time for yourself because you feel like you’re being selfish, don’t be!  You’ll be happier and feel better, and your children will be glad their mother is as happy as she can be.