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Back Pain And Shoes Is There A Connection?



Sounds strange, doesn’t it? I know some of you must be wondering how could there possibly be a connection. But, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Our body is like an incredibly complex machine, consisting of many interconnected parts. And if one part doesn’t function properly, the whole system suffers.

If you try to employ a more holistic approach when you think about our body, you will quickly realize that shoes represent our foundation, the basis, and levers we use when walking, running, or just standing around.

They are the cushions, providing support on every step. And it is only logical that, if those cushions are inappropriate our body will suffer.

So How Can Shoes Cause Back Pain?

The feet are our foundation, and as such, they affect every structure above them. When we walk, we constantly distribute our weight back and forth, putting a strain on certain muscles, bones, ligaments, and other structures of our body.

If the feet are not “mechanically sound”, the weight will not be distributed properly and some structures of the back may be subjected to more pressure than they could bear. The end result – back pain.

The faulty mechanics of the feet can contribute to back pain, but can also be the main cause of it. Often, doctors struggle to find the cause of the pain within the back and spine itself but find nothing. They don’t even realize that the main culprit for the pain is way down.

In most cases, people are born without any anomalies and their feet mechanics is sound. But when inappropriate shoes find their way to your feet, they can wreak havoc.

Flip Flops

Even though I love then and enjoy wearing them, as do most of you I`m sure, they can be dangerous to the health of your back (I bet you didn’t though you will ever hear/read something like that). It is no secret that they offer very little support to your feet, which can lead to various strains and even back pain.

The main role of flip flops should be around the pool and when you are on the beach. If you plan to walk for a longer period of time, choose something else.

High Heels

Ladies, I know you will hate me for this, but I must address high heels as well. Even though I love seeing women wearing them and love the “physical effect” they produce, they can seriously damage your posture and cause pain in your back, legs, and feet (of course, I don’t have to tell you that, you already know).

So what happens when you wear high heels? The heel itself will slowly push you and you`re entire body forward. Causing you to arch your back and mess up your posture. Also, they are one of the leading causes of Spondylolisthesis. Spondylolisthesis is the condition where the vertebrae slip out of its position, causing lower back pain, stiffness, numbness, muscle spasm, weakness in the legs, etc.

The Right Shoes?

Your best bet is to go with sneakers or shoes with a rigid heel counter. They will provide you with the best support and help you fight poor posture and back pain.