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How to Tackle Obesity in The UK?



A severe and frequent problem in the UK is obesity. 25 % of UK adults are obese and it would be doubled by the mid of this century that is 50 %. The estimated expense to manage the current obesity problem is £ 5 Billion so it would be definitely higher with the increasing rate of obesity.

Is it wise to wait for the problem to get worse for tackling it? Obviously not we are waiting for what is a question to ask.

A recent report says that the approach of NHS to obesity is quite patchy and with this approach chances to tackle this gigantic problem are so weak. A large number of hospitals in the UK are not presenting the relation of weight management with cardiac diseases and diabetes.

Take Positive Actions

It’s time to take positive quick actions on the part of some major UK figures to face the challenge boldly which include.

If these major figures in the UK in collaboration take some positive actions the results would be better and the obesity financial burden will be reduced as well.

Obesity is a problem for all of us so all of us should try our best to win the battle. The UK government and ministers need to make sure that every health department is playing an active role against obesity.

Key Role of Medical Professional in Weight management

The medical profession can play a key role by providing proper guidelines to people for weight management such as lifestyle change, the inclusion of weight loss drinks that work on their diet plans, and so on for a healthier, active life ahead. NHS is responsible to make its approach uniform throughout the UK and no more patchy by providing all health centers and hospitals with equal facilities for weight management.