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How Can You Tell If You Have A Gambling Addiction?



One of the most immensely difficult aspects of a subject as complex as addiction is realizing that you have a problem, even if friends and family may have tried to alert you to it. Denial is a big part of it and a major obstacle that has to be negotiated in the first instance. If you believe you may have a gambling addiction then it is vital to seek help for it for your own good and also for the other people in your life that may be affected by it. These are some of the signs that could indicate that you have a problem when it comes to gambling.

Trying to win back money

The ways for someone to start gambling can vary significantly between each person. It could be that you got into it as a social thing while you were with friends for example but when addiction takes to hold the circumstances change. At first, your motivations may well be centered upon a reasonably casual desire to win some money that you would find very welcome. However, if you are still gambling after you have lost a significant amount of money then the reasons why you are doing it have altered. Gambling in an attempt to recoup losses that you have made is potentially a sign of addiction so pay close attention to any indication of this.

Seeing less of loved ones

The time that you would usually get to spend with family and friends is drastically compromised when you are addicted to something so it could be that you are going through this. If you are putting off seeing those who should be closest to you in favor of visiting the bookmakers or placing a bet by any other means then consider seeking guidance from somebody.

Covering up

Due to the problems and connotations that are attached to addiction, the natural response from sufferers is to mask over any problems and to hide them from those in their life. An addiction to gambling has severe financial implications and the knock-on effects from this are hard to ignore, especially if you are in a relationship or have children. If you regularly have to lie about things to protect yourself from admitting you have a problem then this is a sure sign.

There are indeed so many more possible signs that could point to a gambling addiction including borrowing money, putting on larger and larger bets, and constantly thinking about your next bet, to give merely three examples.