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Staying Healthy in your Australian Home



The majority of all accidents happen within or very close to your home. This is most likely down to being in very familiar surroundings, so we are not as careful and vigilant as we might be in an area that is unfamiliar to us. A lot of minor accidents can be prevented by using some common sense and forward-thinking. There are lots of things that you can do around your home to prevent your family or pets from getting injured unnecessarily.

Inside your home

If you have young children, then the average home is a veritable minefield of accidents that could potentially happen. Try getting down on your hands and keens and going through your rooms and see what might catch a young child’s attention and you will see lots of potential accidents.

Having a baby gate to limit access to stairs or a kitchen is one way of keeping little hands out of trouble and is also good for pets as well. Remove heavy objects which could be pushed or could fall is also a consideration you may wish to take. Once your child is old enough you can get your best ornaments out again and display them in pride of place.

You can purchase covers for your electrical plus to stop prying fingers poking and exploring them and another good tip is to get some child locks for your cupboards, especially if there are cleaning products and other unsafe materials in them. Make sure that if you have a rug on a tiled or smooth wooden surface, then these have an anti-slip surface on the back of them. Make sure you do not overload electrical sockets and try and refrain from having cables exposed on the floor or main walkway to avoid tripping over them.

Outside your home

There are lots of different accidents waiting to happen outside of your home as well if things are not properly stored. Try and make sure that you do not leave garden tools lying around when people can trip over them or little children can play with them.

Again keep all the walkways free from clutter and this involves the children’s toys as well. Try getting them into the habit of putting their toys away when they have finished playing with them. If you have a swimming pool or pond, then you may want to look at blocking free access to this. A very young child can drown in only a couple of inches of water to it is best to be safe, than sorry! You can buy glass pool fencing in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and most other locations throughout Australia.

By choosing to use a glass fence as opposed to a wooden or metal one, you can make sure that the scenery is not blighted and ruined by the addition of a fence. You can also rest easy knowing that your children and pets are safe. You may wish to install a fence surrounding your property to make sure that your children and pets cannot run into the road at all. Maybe instead of erecting a man-made fence, you may look to go for a more natural feel and surround your house it plants which will form a natural barrier over time.

Be careful which plants you choose though as you do not want them to grow too big and you may need to prune them regularly.

Animals and Insects

Australia is home to a whole host of deadly animals and insects which you may need to be wary of, depending on where you live in the country.

  • Crocodiles
  • Brown Snake
  • Taipan Snake
  • Red Back Spider
  • Funnel Web Spider

These are just a few of some of the dead animal life that there is and if you go into the ocean there is a lot more besides. Animals like snakes tend to be shy of people and will generally try and avoid them as much as possible. Usually, snakes will only bite and attack when they feel threatened.

If you can try and avoid having suitable locations for a den in your garden, then you can help discourage them from staying. If there is local wildlife that will prey on these, then you may wish to actively encourage them into your garden. Birds and Lizards will eat lots of different spiders and are their natural predator.

It is impossible to stop all of these insects and animals from coming in unless you surround your house in an airtight bubble. As long as you are vigilant and educate your children as to the dangers, then everything should be ok if you do not actively provoke the animals. Walk away and keep an eye on them and also make sure your pets do not get too close to them either. Many animals when confronted will posture to defend themselves and once the threat is gone, will tend to slip away to somewhere a bit quieter.