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Office Hygiene: Cleanliness is Next to Friendliness



Personal hygiene is a well…personal thing, and if people are not too fazed about their personal hygiene at home, some should at least consider that their office hygiene affects others around them. Every office has at least one person who doesn’t take the time to consider how their hygiene affects those that they work so closely with, and this could lead to bigger problems such as shunning, which is something that should be avoided. Lacking hygiene leads to health problems not only for ourselves, but for others around us.

Clean Yourself Up

Washing hands after going to the bathroom. This is something a lot of us do, but what about those who don’t? Those who don’t take the time to wash their hands kind of cancel out the hand-washing efforts of those of us who do because we have to use the dirty handles on the toilet doors, and that really is gross. Office hygiene is an effort for many, and all it takes is the consideration of your own health and the fact that others have to also handle the same utensils and doorknobs that you do.

Handling money is not something we can avoid, particularly at places that only take cash. As we all know, money has passed through millions of pairs of hands that are not even vaguely away from personal or office hygiene rules, and just the thought alone is stomach-churning. For your own health, wash your hands after buying a sandwich – which you won’t eat with a knife and fork – to ensure you’re not at risk of picking up something unhealthy.

This one is for the men. Please refrain from scratching the private bits and pieces, and if you need to then please do it in the men’s room, and wash your hands afterward. We understand that this part and parcel of being a guy, but many males and females would prefer some sort of office hygiene policy that requires hand sanitizer to be available throughout the office to ensure this can be dealt with effectively.

Seeing colleagues take a lack of interest in office hygiene makes us more aware of the fact that they touch the office machines and telephones that we are required to put close to our faces, and this just leads to pure irritation at the lack of consideration.

Office hygiene is something that needs to be prioritized when we face it every single day with very little recourse to deal with it. Ask management to ensure that hand sanitizers and wet wipes are left around the office to make it easier for all.