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Fun Hearing Facts You Want to Hear



We’re all going to need ammunition for conversation during the holidays as we hang with friends or reunite with family; hearing facts are as interesting as any and we’re going to share some of the best with you today. These hearing facts are amusing for children and adults alike and for the curious it makes for a great topic; let’s take a look.

The Human Ear

The smallest bones in the human body are contained in the human ear and instead of growing as we do, they are already full-grown from the onset. Another amazing addition to many hearing fun facts lists is that we are constantly using our ears every minute of every day; the only reason we get to sleep is that our brain is capable of filtering out noise at night. While we should always clean our ears of wax to avoid slight loss of hearing, the facts say our ears clean themselves; the cilia are little tiny hairs in our ears and their purpose is to push earwax out and on its way.

If It’s Too Loud…

More the one-third of the current American population suffers from a hearing disability of some sort by the age of 65 which is shocking considering how much resources are available to prevent hearing loss. The ear plays a function in our ability as a human being to stand up straight and balance; hearing facts don’t need to explain how important that is. Another interesting piece of information is that it doesn’t matter what you listen to, heavy metal or classical music, it matters how many decibels the output it; The Beatles at 140db is going to make you just as deaf as Chopin at 140db is going to. At 120db, one only needs to be exposed for 7½ minutes before hearing damage occurs.

Hearing Facts About Animals

When it comes to hearing facts it figures that animals have some fairly amazing ones to share too. For example, the cricket keeps their ears on their knees while cicadas prefer to chill with them on their stomachs. During WWII because of the keen hearing of the parrot, Parisians would keep them in the Eiffel Tower; they were capable of hearing approaching bomber planes miles before a human being would have which allowed them to prepare for a raid. Interestingly, a fish can hear without the need for conventional ears; they detect pressure changes through the ridges on their bodies.