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Laser Hair Removal; The Facts



Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method to prevent hair growth and it is getting more and more popular among patients who prefer non-surgical cosmetic procedures.


Laser hair removal can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours, it all depends on the area that is being treated. Patients normally opt for a low energy laser beam that passes through the skin and attracted to the pigment of the hair. This energy continues down the hair shaft and is absorbed by the hair follicles that help hair grow; once absorbed the hair follicle is disabled. In most patients, there is minimal pain and discomfort and no anesthesia is required.


Laser hair removal has many associated benefits firstly; it is non-invasive and gentle on the skin and can reduce unwanted hair from most body parts. It can disable more than one hair at a time meaning that it can treat larger areas of the body. There is minimal discomfort and is a better option than waxing, electrolysis shaving, and bleaching. No recovery time is needed, and a patient can return to their daily activates almost immediately.


Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions as it only affects actively growing hair; and it is important to remember that not all hair follicles are active at the same time. High energy levels are normally avoided as then there is no risk of injuring the adjacent skin. Some patients may experience some redness around the treated area and some swelling around the hairs. Sunscreen should be applied to the treated area if it has direct exposure to sunlight. Some patients with darker skin may not respond to the treatment due to inadequate discrepancy between skin and hair colors. Patients that have blonde, grey, or white hair may be less responsive because of the lack of ample pigments in the hair.


This procedure has reduced in price over the years meaning more patients will be able to afford it; and there are many flexible payment methods on offer.


Before the treatment, the skin should be clean from creams, perfumes, and fake tan, and patients should avoid going onto sun-beds for 4 weeks before. Make-up needs to be removed before treatment, but it can be reapplied straight after.