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How To Recognize Disorganized Schizophrenia Symptoms



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Disorganized schizophrenia is one of the more severe subtypes of schizophrenia. You can recognize a disorganized schizophrenia sufferer by disinhibited, agitated, and purposeless behavior. This is considered to be one of the most debilitating mental illnesses. The patient is not only unable to function inside the society but he or she cannot even perform basic daily activities such as maintaining hygiene or preparing a meal.

Common symptoms of disorganized schizophrenia

Although not all persons affected by the disorganized schizophrenia act out in the same way, they do share a set of common symptoms. However, there are also a number of more subtle symptoms that a normal person may not recognize right away. If you have a loved one who might be suffering from disorganized schizophrenia then you may want to know what to look for in order to offer proper help. Observing the symptoms is also important for properly diagnosing the illness a person is suffering from.

Pretty much all of the disorganized schizophrenia sufferers will experience disorganized thinking, disorganized behavior, and emotional impairment. A person with disorganized thinking is practically unable to form coherent or logical thoughts. This disability will greatly affect a person’s speech as well. The speech problem may get so severe that all the schizophrenia patient is able to speak will be a muddle of sounds.

In severe cases, the patients may not even be able to perform normal daily activities such as bathing or dressing. They may even exhibit sexual behavior in public and believe that they are acting perfectly normal. They may also act childish one moment and violent and aggressive the next for no apparent reason. Even though a disorganized schizophrenia sufferer may exhibit emotions, their range of emotions is much more limited when compared to others. The usual behavior is a blank face and the lack of anybody’s language or eye contact.

The disorganized thinking and behavior are not the only symptoms that a disorganized schizophrenia sufferer may experience. Delusions, hallucinations, odd postures, social isolation, and uncoordinated movements are some of the many disorganized schizophrenia symptoms that patients may exhibit but which are not immediately obvious.

Getting help

It is important to note that people who suffer from disorganized schizophrenia cannot get medical help by themselves. Even if their symptoms have apparently subsided, this does not mean that they are fine. If you are a family member or a friend of the sufferer then you need to immediately get help.