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Change Your Attitude, Not Yourself



With the daily media messages and feedback we receive about how we look, it’s little wonder we struggle to like things about ourselves when they consistently fall beneath our expectations.

Growing up there are likely to be parts of us we feel embarrassed about that we either try to cover up or make a joke of such as weight gain or bad skin but over time we grow out or into them. However, some issues are going to stay around no matter how much time passes and we may not have the money or ability to change them. They may be things only we notice such as disliking the color of our eyes or how weird our feet look but that doesn’t mean they don’t affect us or wish we could change them.

If we can’t change the issue then the next best thing is to change the way we think about the issue. Try to think of any positives you can make out of it, for example, if you hate being short know that you can wear the highest heels you like and that every guy is going to be taller than you-something that is on many girls wish lists! If you’re tall be thankful for your long legs and that you can pull off the elegant look so many people envy.

Pick a role model who makes the most of their looks and try to find features that stand out about them that they probably didn’t appreciate before they were famous such as wide eyes, freckles, unusual hair color, a big bum, or wide hips that are now celebrated for that very reason.

If your issue is hereditary such as a big nose or dark circles, talk to your family about how they deal with it and if it ever affected their lives. They may help you realize that most issues won’t hold you back from doing what you want in life and that it isn’t as big a deal as you may think.

Be a friend to yourself and don’t say anything negative about your looks that you wouldn’t say to your best friend. It may feel stupid but write down any positive comments you receive from people and go back and look at them if you’re feeling down to remind yourself that you have plenty of positive things that people have noticed. Think of features you have that no one else does which makes you unique and appreciate that you stand out in a crowd, it can be hard to do!