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Ways to Identify Sinus Headache



Patients of sinusitis are well aware of sinus headaches. However, headaches are of various types and thus, one needs to be able to distinguish a sinus headache amongst the different types in order to treat the headache effectively.

Difference between Migraine and Sinus Headache:

Sinus headaches are the results of choking or congestion in sinus cavities, which if not treated for a long time might pressurize paranasal sinuses. On the other hand, a migraine is identifiable by experiencing sensitivity to light as well as seeing light across objects.

Listed below are a few symptoms of sinus headaches:

  • As mucus depletes during the night, you might experience increased pain during morning
  • As you traverse between varied temperatures, the intensity of headache might differ depending upon the temperature you are in
  • Pain at a particular place especially the affected area
  • Postnasal drip followed by sore throat
  • Tenderness of nasal passages
  • Increased temperature
  • Weakness

Tips to Identify Sinus Headache:

  1. Find the trigger point of the headache. You may experience sinus headache at the frontal area of the head, but it may be closer to areas surrounding your eyes, nose, or forehead. Since there are sinuses behind jawbones, you might experience in the jaw area too.
  2. Try to look for pain and tenderness as you carefully press the area around your eyes and nose. If you experience pain, it could be a sinus headache.
  3. Our face consists of several nerves and thus, the pain of sinus infection might be intensive enough spreading across your entire never section situated all around the face. Identifiable locations are eyes and upper jaw. Look for any gloomy and persistent pain near these areas.
  4. Carefully identify the color and shade of your mucus if possible. If suffering from a sinus infection, then the color of mucus will be bright yellow or green, and in a few severe cases, the mucus might even include blood. This is a definite sign of sinus infection causing sinus headache.
  5. This might be a bit uncomfortable, but you might have to ask your friend or family member to smell your breath. If he/she finds it unpleasant, then you are suffering from certain infections. Here, note that it is not necessary to be a sinus infection, as some throat problems may even trigger an unpleasant breath. Bad breath is not always the result of sinus infection and thus, you will have to look out for other symptoms.

This is only a guide and thus, if you are not sure enough to diagnose yourself for sinus infection, then it is advisable to consult a doctor.