10 Smart Ways To Boost Workout Intensity

If you are training and you would like to get the best out of your training session, then I bet you would like to know some of the best ways to boost workout intensity while at the same time not having to worry about doing massive changes in your workout routine. In the following paragraphs, you will be able to learn 10 Smart Ways To Boost Workout Intensity so let’s take a good look at them.

Keep your eyes on the clock
To feel and see continuous results, you will need to change and modify your exercise programs and that is why you will need to have a proactive plan of action which always makes older exercises fun to consider. As you know, most of the times when you will train, you will easily fall for small distractions. That is why you should use a stopwatch to know when and where the training starts. While doing so, you will never feel like you actually want to stop because something around you fell or you heard a strange noise.

Have cardio and strength superset-
Many of us think about strength and cardio as 2 different things, but they don’t have to be like that. You can add some jump rope or a twenty second sprint during your workout to increase your strength and improve your metabolism.

Strike a pose
Try contracting a muscle and then holding it like that for a certain amount of time. This actually trains your muscle isolation techniques and by using isotonic exercises, you will be able to increase your strength very much. You can start with a thirty seconds goal and then go for more.

Skip the machines 
Machines cannot compare with the free weight exercises. If you consider them, you will burn more calories by incorporating more stabilizing muscles. At the same time, bodyweight exercises can also be very effective in this regard.

Add some instability
A little balancing will go a long way when training. This is because you will manage to stimulate more muscles. Think about it: is it easier to do a squat while you stand on the floor or while on a wobbling board?

One side at a time
You need to focus on equal muscular development and not only train your dominant side. To strengthen the core, you can consider a single arm push-up or a pistol squat, so try practicing these next time.

Get explosive
In the past, bodybuilders would consider heavy and slow lifts to become stronger and build more bulk, however the game has changed in the meantime. Now fast movements like plyometric pushups, kettlebell swings and box jumps will allow you to get a better response from your fast twitch muscles, so you should incorporate them in your training.

Add resistance
Now you need to ensure you lift some heavy stuff and not necessarily do a lot of reps with it. You should thus try adding weight to an exercise (in two to five pounds increments) until you can achieve three sets of ten reps which will of course, have to be very challenging.

Complete the circuit
To make your training even more efficient, you will have to switch from one exercise to the other while not resting. Make sure you will consider exercises that target certain muscle groups back to back in order to basically avoid burnout. As an example, you should first consider doing a squat and then a chest press.

Good luck implementing these useful ways to boost workout intensity in your workout routine!

Author Bio- This Post has been written by Adam Jones. He is a health and fitness expert. He writes about high protein diets and nectar whey protein isolate. He also recommends Hair Transplant Recovery for hair loss.

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