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The Top 5 Colleges For Meeting Women



College isn’t easy, either academically or in the arena of courtship. Sometimes trying to meet a woman who has it all, the brains of a mathlete, the body of a model, the face of an angel, and just enough of a hint of devilishness about her to make her interesting, can feel like an exercise in futility. Before you sigh and resign yourself to signing on the dotted line to attend “Moo U,” check out this list of the top five colleges in the world to meet women! Life’s too short to get a substandard education or wind up with a girl who isn’t “The One”.

University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB)

In addition to having some of the highest-rated sports teams in the NCAA and boasting some of the brightest and best-known alumni on the planet, UCSB is also a Mecca for the lonely guy. In true California style, UCSB has some of the most incredible-looking women anywhere. The school has a richly deserved reputation for intense field examination of undergraduate student bodies, so much so that UCSB was recently called one of the best colleges to pick up an STD. However, most undergrads hurry to defend the honor of their alma mater while not shying away from the fact that women seem to be unusually friendly on this campus.

Michigan State University

Okay, so you struck out in the geographic lottery and found yourself in Michigan, a scant five degrees from the Arctic Circle. (For the geography majors, yes, that was a joke!) That doesn’t mean you can’t find a woman here. Not only are the women who attend MSU smart and stunningly attractive, but they seem to have some creative ideas about how to keep warm on those cold Midwestern nights.

Texas Tech

With a student pool of thirty thousand to draw from, you’d almost have to be dead or lobotomized to not be able to get a date in the Lone Star State. Not only are the women amazing in that just off the farm way only Texas girls can manage, but you’ve got to have serious smarts to get into “the Tech.” Even Playboy recognizes that the girls of Texas Tech are something special, ranking them second in the nation among college campuses. It may take a little more effort than at some other schools to score a phone number or a date, but anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Vassar College

If you really want to stack the odds in your favor, do what any smart lion looking for gazelle does: go where the prey is. Unlike many colleges, the population is heavily slanted toward women, with men actually outnumbered three to two! Since until recently Vassar was strictly a women’s college that is just now learning the joys of the coed experience, this is the place to be if you want a liberal arts education, a smart woman, and an unconventional libertine environment to enjoy it all.


Yes, that Harvard has some of the most insanely smart (and hot) women in the world on its campus grounds. Even better, they’re looking for men! Harvard was named as one of the top ten colleges in the country to find a husband in 2011. Not ready to put a ring on it yet? It shouldn’t be a problem, because the word is that Harvard girls like to party just as much as anyone else on the list. They may, however, be just a little smarter about it all.