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Billboard Marriage Propposals and Other Creative Ideas to Ask for Her Hand



Proposing is no longer about an intimate moment between you and the one you love. Instead, it has become a competition, and more and more men are trying to find the most creative way to pop the question.

Asking over the big screen at a sporting event is tired. If you really want to get creative and crazy in your proposal, take a lesson from some of these crazy proposals.

Jumping Off a Building

If you really want to make the event memorable, why not take after this guy and ask her to marry you while falling off a building. This poor bride-to-be thought that her soon-to-be-fiance was about to die while asking for her hand in marriage. Lucky for her, it was just a big hoax as a creative way to ask her to marry him.

Parade, Parade, Parade

Isaac Lamb pulled off the first lip-dub proposal. He got a large group of family and friends together to parade down the street acting out the lyrics to “I Think I Wanna Marry You” by Bruno Mars. He pulled it off, and they have a great video to remember the whole thing.

Gaming for Love

While playing a game of Halo with his girlfriend, one man decided to lead her into a special place of the game by telling her he had hidden some weapons. When they got to the area, there were weapons, but they spelled out the words “Marry me?”.

Buying TV Ad Space

Some people rent billboards as a way to propose, but a man name Rand wanted to take public proposals to a whole new level. His dream was to propose by making a commercial that would be aired during the 2007 Super Bowl. Unfortunately, Rand would need $2.5 million to take out the ad space. While fronting some of his own money, Rand asked for donations, and by the time the Super Bowl came around, he had only raised $85,000. Even though his idea had gained attention from major news corporations and television stations, NBC would not sell him the ad space for the lower price, so instead, he bought regular ad space and created a commercial to be played during Veronica Mars, his girlfriend’s favorite show. And on February 6, 2007, his commercial came on, and she said yes.


You’ve probably come across a popular Internet meme, and whether you love them or hate them, Tim used them to create a great marriage proposal to his girlfriend Audrey. And yes, he even had a meme ready to go in case she turned him down.

The Price is Right

You have to be pretty lucky to make it onto the stage on The Price is Right, and a man named Michael sure did make a splash. Right after taking his spin at the wheel, he proposed to his girlfriend Rosie. And while Bob Barker was busy making a commotion about his proposal, Michael landed on the $1.00 and then went on to win the entire Showcase Showdown.