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Consult Urologist in Queens to Treat Urine Related Ailments



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There are no ends to the suffering of human beings. With passing time new kinds of ailments are evolving to further the pain of mankind. The field of medicine is also ever-evolving, trying to combat the growing different kinds of ailments. The field of medicine has branched out to tend to the different kinds of problems that trouble different body parts of humans. For example for a problem related to the heart you usually consult a heart specialist or for a problem related to your stomach you go to a gastroenterologist and so on. Similarly for any kind of problem-related to urine i.e. ailments of the kidneys, the urinary bladder, the urinary tract as well as the genitals in both men and women are treated by specialists known as urologists.

If you feel pain while urinating or have irritation in your urinary tract or even suffer from some sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, you need to visit a urologist in queens. There are different further subdivisions to urology such that if you know your problem you can consult the subdivision urology specialist. The different subdivisions as per the American Urological Association or AUA are:

  • Renal transplantation specialist
  • Pediatric urology specialist
  • Women urology specialist
  • Specialist in treating stones in the urinary tract
  • Specialist in neurology
  • Men infertility specialist
  • Impotence treatment specialist
  • Oncology in urology specialist

Hence for example, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction you can directly consult an impotence treatment specialist, instead of going to a general urologist.

Unlike ailments of other body parts, there is much less awareness regarding ailments related to urology. This is the reason for the unnaturally high death rate caused every year due to cancer in the urinary tract or urinary bladder and prostate cancer. If you want a temporary solution too you should do so with the advice of a good and experienced urologist. For other problems related to your genitals as well, you should not hesitate and consult an expert urologist immediately.

Your genitals, your prostates, your urinary tract or urinary bladder, and kidneys are parts of your body and there is nothing remotely shameful in admitting you have a problem in one of these and consulting a doctor for it. If you feel even the slightest pain in your kidneys instead of taking painkillers to get relief, find a good urologist. It might as well be the symptom of stone in the kidneys. A little blood in your urine can mean prostate cancer. The point is that you try not to ignore such small signs, just make sure you find an experienced urology specialist as soon as possible.