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Five Great Reasons to Start Running!!



I know, I know, Christmas and New Year can be daunting times for everyone, what with all the lazy days, alcoholic beverages from 10 am, and I don’t even want to get started on the turkey that’s been staring at you each time you open the freezer.

And I know that for your New Year’s Resolution you’ll all say “a New Year, a new me!” most of you will fail to stick to your resolution which is why I have put together this article. Have you ever thought about starting running? It’ll make you feel like a new you!

Weight Loss

Just think of all the chocolate and fatty foods that you’ll be eating over the Christmas period; that alone should make you want to take up exercise, and running is amongst the best types of exercise you can do.

Think of the dress that’s a size smaller than you’d normally buy. Better yet, think of the beach body! Did you know that running reduces your appetite? Your poor stomach has been stretched by all that food you’ll have consumed, and running will prevent you from carrying on that downfall into the New Year.

Getting Old

Everybody knows that we’re not getting any younger and the hectic lifestyles that I’m sure you all have are aging us dramatically. Nobody wants to look older than they actually are. Start by going for a jog a couple of times a week and already you’re on the way to a younger-looking you. A good way to get into exercise is to do a fun run, as it says in the title; it’s a fun way to run. Anyone can participate and you can even bang on some whacky clothes and just run for fun! Did you also know that running prevents bones and muscles from weakening? So as you grow older your body will stay younger! Isn’t that what everybody wants?

Mental Health

Not only is your body staying younger because of running; your mind is too. It is proven that people who run a couple of times a week are more likely to have improved mental skills than those who don’t run. Instead of going senile, RUN!


It’s proven that running prevents stress. Going on a run a couple of times a week will de-stress the mind and body and allow yourself to function correctly because this person who runs are a lot happier than people who sit watching TV. Isn’t everyone complaining about how people aren’t as friendly to each other these days? Well, why aren’t you setting the example and running?! Running is the ideal way to spend time with yourself.

Healthier Lungs

Smokers think that because they smoke it’s impossible for them to do exercise. The deep breaths you take whilst running allow even smokers‘ lungs to become healthier. By taking in deep breaths your lungs are using 50% more lung tissue than is used on a daily basis. Think, with all that lung tissue you can finally do that 5k run you’ve always been afraid of doing. On the plus side, 5k runs are a lot easier and more enjoyable than simply running on your own at your local park. Why not give it ago? With your new lungs, anything is possible!