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Getting Fit Could Be Fun



As we grow older we slow down a little bit when it comes to keeping fit either through injury or because going to the gym has become too much of a chore.

The importance of keeping fit will help to keep those extra pounds that we seem to gather as we get older.

This article will look at something’s that you can do to make keep fit fun.


All the new keep fit crazes that hit our screens these days seem to include dancing of some form or another with the likes of Zumba, Bollywood, and Belly Dancing for beginners.

These can be fun to do but can become slightly grueling so to avoid this you should consider joining a dance class not only will this help you to dance those extra pounds off it could open a new social circle to you especially if you are single.

However, if you decide to join a dance class you need to make sure that it is at a level that you feel comfortable with most places will offer classes at either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced level.


Okay, so this may not be everybody’s idea of fun however if you set yourself a goal for example taking part in the next fun run in your local town you will find that it can be a more enjoyable experience.

Not only are you working towards a goal you will find that your fitness levels are increasing whilst your health is getting better which will give you a satisfying feeling along with the inner glow that you will feel by helping the charity you are running for.

You could also challenge your friends to take part in the event and go out running together.


This is an excellent activity for your whole body as swimming uses all the major muscles in your body as well as getting your heart and lungs pumping, which therefore builds up endurance and strength.

As swimming is a non-impact sport it makes it a great alternative to going to the gym or jogging however if you like the gym and jogging then you could alternate these activities to keep your routines fresh.


This form of exercise is on the increase thanks to the London Olympics and the fact that this is something that can be done without leaving the house.

As long as you have an exercise bike at home, you will be able to work to your own time and schedule.