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Home Gym Check-off List



How to successfully negotiate the cost of your gym membership

Make no mistake, working out in a personal home gym can be just as effective, if not more so, than going to a community gym or fitness club.  It grants you the freedom of using whatever machine you want whenever you want; without being glared at by other gym-goers.  In many cases, depending on what equipment you buy, it may even be cost-effective; having only to buy the equipment once, as opposed to purchasing an annual membership.  Saving time is a big benefit of home gyms as well.  Not having to drive over to the gym every time you want to exercise would undoubtedly leave you more time in the day to do whatever you want, or just more time to exercise!  But before you go out and buy every piece of home gym equipment you can find, run through this little check-off list.

1. Do you have enough space?

For a home gym, you generally just want to dedicate an entire room to its purpose. Don’t have one machine here, another there, and all over the house. Having enough space also means that you provide each machine as much space as it needs to operate as well as the space you need to operate it. One example of a big mistake that people make here is when they buy a treadmill and position it in a corner or with its a rear-facing wall. This is extremely dangerous and could cause serious injury. Space the machines out evenly so that wherever their moving parts go, they have no chance of bumping into something else.

2. Do you have the right equipment?

Choosing the right equipment is, quite possibly, the most important part. The goal of a home gym is, of course, to work out from home; but it also is designed to have the ability to give the user a total body workout. This means that every machine in your home gym should work in a different area of your body or different muscles. A treadmill is a great example of a machine that targets a specific group of muscles. It works your legs and cardiovascular system.

3. Are you getting the best price?

As a rule, never believe that you have to pay full price for anything; on the internet especially! There are so many websites out there that offer deals on many different exercise machines. So before you settle on a machine, make sure that there isn’t a better offer out there somewhere. Also, just because something is cheap, it doesn’t mean that is the item you should go with. Make sure that the piece of equipment you are looking at has positive reviews from many users. Trust other people who have used the machine.

That’s it! Check those off of your list and you are all set to get a great workout from home.