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Running Could Not Be Easier…or Could It?!



I’ll start off being very honest, I love running. I like it for many reasons and when I speak to people surrounding the benefits, it’s hard to find any limitations. Physically and mentally it’s fantastic to perform regardless of any personal characteristic and helps EVERYONE regardless of their set target. But what happens if you don’t like running? What then? Well don’t give up, I have a quick and easy theory for you guys which has helped others!

First things First

Don’t include running into any fitness plan at the beginning if you don’t like it. It’s starting something on a negative and you won’t receive the benefits you deserve. It would deter you from even considering running any length of distance in the future…and we don’t want that now do we!

Ok merely find a place in the outdoors you like to go to and walk around the surrounding area. Just go for the enjoyment and note down the distance you are roughly covering. Do this a couple of times throughout your week and then when walking around again, make note of the time it takes you to complete the walking circuit.

It probably has become fairly apparent but let me just explain how far you would have come already. You started not liking to run and found it hard to do. Now, you have been visiting a place you like, judging the distance and time and are comfortable with the location. If this is not how you are feeling, then simply change the location and find somewhere new and exciting. With the total walking, time noted down I want you to attempt to beat it by walking and then at stages which you see fit, jogging. This way, you don’t have to do it for long periods and can decrease the speed back to a walk whenever you want!

If you repeat this process around four times, I can guarantee that you will not only feel great for decreasing your time, but you will realize that running does not have to be grueling. It’s human nature to run and also to have the need to achieve positive outcomes. So your outlook on running will adjust greatly and you can then change to a different location and keep it as a break from your busy lifestyle, or if your view has greatly increased, implement it into your training! Just remember, location is essential for this to work. Simply enjoy the environment and then let your natural competitive desire take over!