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Preparing for an Auto Accident



It is always best to be prepared for the worst; it will make things run smoother when and if something does happen. Knowing you have planned for just such an incident, will actually help you to remain calm when others would be highly stressed. Having accident kits will prepare you to have just about anything on hand you might need. If you or one of your kids are injured but not badly you can instantly wrap their injury with a Band-Aid or stop bleeding with a bandage. Being able to put up flares to keep others from getting into an accident will make you feel useful while you wait for help to arrive.

Collision Accident report kit:

This could easily fit inside your glove box, it would have all your items needed to exchange your information and collect the information of the witnesses involved and the insurance information of the other vehicles involved in the accident. Keep this in an envelope where you will have a pad of paper, a pen, your vehicle’s registration, a copy of your auto insurance card (which you should always carry a spare just in case anyway), a flashlight and a disposable camera (because your phone may be damaged in the accident). You may want to have a mini clipboard so you have something sturdy to write on during this time. A camera is a great source because you can take photos of the vehicles before they are removed from the scene just in case someone tries to deny the position of a vehicle later on.

Trunk kit:

In the back of your trunk create an accident box.  Inside the box, you can carry things like road flares, light sticks, reflectors, signs, and anything else that could help out in an accident. A fire extinguisher would be extremely handy in case of a fire, using this will at least postpone a big fire.  Do not forget the first aid kit, chances are someone will need something from burns to cuts to big bandages. Having a range of all types of first aid will definitely prove beneficial.  Plastic gloves can ensure that blood doesn’t get on you when you are helping other victims. Wipes or moist-towelettes can help everyone clean up right after an accident, which will sometimes make everyone calm down once they see the blood isn’t everyone and coming from one area. A clean towel, pillow, and blanket can come in handy to help prop someone up, give them something to keep warm or stop bleeding.

Sometimes not every accident involves another vehicle, sometimes it involves a flat tire, car not starting, or the engine overheating. Are you prepared for any of the above? Always carry jumper cables in the trunk along with a tire jack, tire gauge to check your tire pressure, spare tire, spare fuses, a bottle of oil, a bottle of water in case your engine overheats. If you are driving in the winter you will want chains, small folding shovel, and a windshield scraper in your vehicle in case of snow or slippery road conditions.