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Children’s Outdoor Safety Tips



Nothing is as beneficial for your child’s mental and physical health as playing in the outdoors. Getting exercise in the fresh air while exploring new areas and doing new activities will be lots of fun for your child; they will also learn new skills, and hopefully, make friends. Yet to make sure that your child gets the most from their outdoor play, it is important to make sure they stay safe. While we don’t recommend being over-protective, following a few simple safety tips will help give you peace of mind while your kids concentrate on having fun.

Keep Toddlers Close.
When children first start to walk, run and explore by themselves, it is a very exciting time; but it can also be frightening if they unknowingly put themselves at risk. Toddlers aren’t aware of the full dangers of traffic, hard pavements, or uneven flooring and so can end up stumbling over and hurting themselves very easily. When walking with them down streets or through busy areas, toddler reigns are a great way of keeping them close to you while still encouraging their independence.

Check Your Garden.
If they are playing out in the garden then it’s a good idea to carry out a basic check to clear away any potential hazards. Cut back thorny branches, fill in or cover any ponds if you have young children, and make sure that any garden tools are stored away in the shed so children can’t access them. If you have play equipment such as swing sets or slides, then check these regularly for rust and to ensure that the screws are still tight. If you have a garden without grass, then perhaps consider investing in Smartplay flooring, which is designed to cushion any trips or falls.

Teach Older Children.
As your kids get older and begin to play out by themselves, help keep them safe even when you’re not there by teaching them basic safety advice. The importance of avoiding busy roads, not speaking to strangers, and staying in groups should all be stressed. Laying down some ground rules such as how far from the house they are allowed to go, what time they should be back by, and making sure they always have their mobile phones on them will also lessen your need to worry.

It’s impossible to protect your children from every potential risk, but by following straightforward safety tips such as these you should be able to avoid any serious accidents.