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The 2xist Undies 2013 Fashion Show



As you know, there are many designs and underwear brands in the world. Other brands are made out of low-quality fabrics wear, as there are others that are made out of top quality fabrics. Moreover, each brand has a unique design that makes it different from others. Every brand name is trying to identify itself with the best quality. Lately, 2xist undies released their new collection.

The event that took in New York City on October 11th, 2012, was filled with many guests who all had one aim. The aim was to see the different designs that are in the 2013 2xist undies collection. The host was the famous Jenny McCarthy. The brand was showing their 2013 collection as the event was also called. The guests enjoyed sky martini while watching the handsome men walk down the runway.

2xist undies features

2xist is an underwear brand that is fast becoming popular among people. The 2xist fashion house really took the time to design these items to make them, as they are, the best. Some of the areas you should look at when you go to buy these items are

  • The fabric: the apparel maker leading the evolution of fabrics makes this item the best.
  • The material used: the material used makes these items sexy, attractive, and fitting underwear. They are almost just like 2eros but a little bit different.
  • The technology: the technology behind these items will make you look as if you have a big package.

The aim of these beautiful products is to give any modern man confidence. 2xist undies will not only give you confidence but also provides comfort when a man has worn them. In the middle of the fashion show, when the modeling young men come while having shirtless and sexy undies, many girls were very happy. This shows how these items are chick magnet. Furthermore, their thongs are very sexy to even old men. You have to admit Jenny McCarthy did a fantastic work.

2eros is a brand name that is also famous for its men’s boxers, underwear, and colorful shorts. This brand is also a big name when it comes to men’s underwear. Moreover, their brand is almost like that of 2xist undies  but the difference is very small. These two items are very popular across the USA and now their fame is shredding across the world. You can find all of them in any store that sells men’s underwear. Furthermore, they are readily found online. There you will get them at an affordable rate. Moreover, you will get free home delivery services.