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So, You Don’t Like Exercise?



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If you cannot perform rigorous exercise because of medical conditions, whole-body vibration training is recommended because it is not intensive or stressful to the joints and muscles. Many people of all ages participate in this type of training for this reason. Here are some benefits of participating in whole-body vibration:

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Increase Bone Mineral Density

As we age, our bone density begins to diminish. The only way to increase bone density is to perform the weight-bearing exercise and also to ingest the recommended daily allowance of calcium and vitamin D. You can use whole-body vibration for this purpose. It will prevent fractures from falls in the future.

Whole-body vibration has only been proven effective in certain parts of the body. For instance, some studies show that exercise is beneficial for building your neck bone density but not your lumbar spine bone density. The studies are inconclusive, however.

Safe for All Ages

Whole-body vibration does not strain or harm a person’s joints. This is helpful for people who cannot perform traditional exercises such as jogging and lifting weights. The postures used for whole-body vibration are safe for people of all ages and are not as stressful as jogging and lifting weights.

Exercise Without many efforts

By using a vibration machine, there is no need for you to jump around or have the need to learn difficult poses. The stimulus method can be amplified depending upon the intensity needed for exercise.

Results In Half the Time

In 10 minutes, some whole-body vibration machines can perform 10,000 muscle contractions. During the 10 minutes, there is enough time for you to exercise the areas requiring improvement. There is also time for you to warm up and cool down. This is a remarkable difference from the recommended 30 minutes per day.

The intensity can be varied based upon each person’s needs. The machine has a training stimulus that can be as much as 17 times Earth’s gravity or as low as equal to Earth’s gravity. The frequencies of vibration also make a difference in the amount of exercise a person receives. The frequencies range from 12.6 to 60 Hertz.

Can Be Performed While Working at Home

There is no need to travel to the gym when a vibration system is purchased for the home. The device is convenient and easy to use.

Helps Older People With Chronic Conditions

Studies have shown that 100 percent of the older population in Australia have complained of at least one chronic health condition. Of these participants, 66 percent have also complained of musculoskeletal conditions, 57 percent have complained of circulatory conditions and 28 percent complain of osteoarthritis. If you have one of these conditions, whole-body vibration may be beneficial for you.

Effective for Athletes

The exercise has been integrated effectively into several athlete’s training regimens. Many athletes use this exercise for rehabilitation. Whole-body vibration exercises can also be used in conjunction with other weight-bearing exercises.

Whole Body Vibration is Recommended for People of All Ages and Skill Level

No matter what your age or skill level, the WBV body vibration machine is recommended. This exercise can be used for people who are resistant to exercise or who cannot exercise due to an injury. You should try this exercise as it has been proven beneficial by many experts.