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7 Fascinating Facts About…. Teeth?




We take our teeth for granted. They’re just there and we hardly think a thing about them until we have a problem with them. But here are 7 fascinating facts about teeth that might just make you realize how awesome our chompers really are.

They’re Tougher Than Bullets

Yes, you read that right. The enamel coating of your teeth is amongst the toughest substances in the world. It’s tougher than a copper bullet, in fact.

Disclaimer: It’s not recommended to chew on copper bullets. Or anything copper, for that matter.

2 Sets for Mammals

We all know that humans are limited to two sets, but what you might not know is that this is a trait common to all mammals. Mammals have a ‘baby’ set known as the primary teeth and a second set known as the ‘permanent’ teeth.

But Sharks, on the Other Hand…

It might not come as a huge surprise to find out that sharks do alright in the tooth department. But what might take you by surprise is just how many sets of teeth these scary sea dwellers have during a lifetime. They get 40 sets! Yes, 40!

Tooth Decay’s a Smile Killer

40% of over 65s do not have all their own teeth. And the biggest cause of this tooth loss? It’s tooth decay! Tooth decay is guilty of ruining smiles all over the world, yet it’s a disease that’s entirely preventable. Good dental hygiene (twice-daily brushing and daily dental flossing) is all it takes to significantly increase your chances of keeping your gnashers healthy for life.

Kiss an Ass to Cure Your Toothache!

Ok, let’s clarify here. By ‘ass’ we mean a donkey. And, well, the chances of kissing a donkey actually curing your toothache are slim. But that didn’t stop the Germans.  If you had toothache back in the Middle Ages in Germany, you would actually be advised to (literally) kiss a donkey.

Again, not one we’d actually recommend you trying for yourself.

Our Teeth are Inspiring Aircraft Engineering

Aircraft engineers are turning to our teeth to research ways to make our aircraft even tougher. Enamel is clever stuff. It develops tiny cracks within itself in order to sustain the pressure caused by chewing. This concept is being explored by engineers who think this might be the key to safer aircraft.

See, it’s easy to take our teeth for granted. But in actual fact, they’re pretty impressive, don’t you think?