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How a Conservatory Gym Can Keep You Fit



When it comes to getting in shape, the gym is a great place to spend your time: but if you own a conservatory or sunroom, you could actually save a ton of money in the long-run, by ditching your expensive gym membership and investing in transforming your conservatory into a home fitness studio!

Think about it: few homes just don’t have the space to set up a dedicated ‘gym room’; but add a conservatory to the mix and you can transform it from a tranquil relaxation zone to a hub of activity, where you can engage in the most explosive workouts without worrying about causing disturbance to any others who are present in your home.

Why not try these ideas out?

Weight Training Area

Clanging weights can take up a lot of room and make a massive din, so popping them next to your sofa or in front of the washing machine is probably not an option: add a conservatory into the mix and you have the perfect place to pump iron!

To get a full work-out and build muscle, consider investing in the following equipment:

  • A set of adjustable free-weights
  • A weight training bench
  • A floor-guard mat

Cardio Zone

Treadmills, exercise bikes, and cross-trainers are all brilliant bits of equipment to help you to shed some pounds and burn off those calories: but they can often look rather ugly outside of a typical gym context, take up a lot of space and cause a load of vibration when in use.

By moving this type of equipment out to your conservatory home gym, you can transform the space into a ‘cardio zone’, where you can sweat freely and concentrate on the job at hand, instead of worrying about vibrations causing that china vase to fall off its pedestal or sweat to drip on your fine carpet.

Flexibility Training Studio

Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi are all great ways of keeping fit and improving flexibility levels; such activities are best performed in a harmonious environment, preferably surrounded by nature; this makes a conservatory one of the best-suited places to engage in such activities;

The great thing about this form of exercise is that very little equipment is required: typically, all that you will need is a nice open bit of space where you can lay down a mat.

You may find it helpful to pop a board or display up where you can pin exercise charts to or bring a table in so that you can use a laptop to view a guide video or listen to some music whilst exercising.