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The Best Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain



The path to natural pain relief

Almost 80% of all people have had to deal with lower back pain at one moment or another in their lives and, in almost all cases, having a proactive attitude towards the pain has been the best course of action. In fact, no matter how acute the pain is, staying in bed for more than 2 days will actually increase the pain level. So the most important thing to consider is that however debilitating the pain may be, contacting a doctor or some form of the therapist is the most important thing you can do. However, there are several other treatments that you can try even without consulting a specialist. So here are the best ways to manage this form of back pain.

Moderate Physical Exercise

One of the simplest and best things you can do for lower back pain is to do some low-intensity physical exercises. They will naturally warm up the muscles and limber up the tendons and cartilages that are usually the cause of these pains. Of course, the key here is moderation and doing a good warm-up. In fact, the entire point of these physical exercises should be to get the body as warm, limber, and relaxed as possible – so don’t push yourself in any way.

Alternative Heating Sources

Physical exercises are not the only way in which you can get those parts of the body to completely relax. You can also use hot water bottles or take hot baths or saunas. However, in these situations, you need to make sure that you do not expose the painful area to extreme temperature changes, especially if the joint is inflamed. If you think there is some inflammation it is better to use an ice pack.

Massage and Yoga

Another excellent treatment for lower back pain is a massage, preferably performed by a specialist. Here most of the eastern traditions compliment western physical therapy. Why not try acupuncture or yoga; many people have reported immediate relief after both of these. In fact, Yoga is excellent because it also takes you through some of the most significant motions of a physical exercise but without exposing you to the danger of putting even more pressure on the back or on the muscles.


When it comes to lower back pains, the medication should really be your last option. That is because in more than 80% of cases the problem has to do with something in your daily routine that is upsetting the natural order of your body’s flow. So even you were to take a muscle relaxant and get rid of the pain for a couple of hours it will get back as soon as the medication wears off or when you get back to your bad habits. I suggest trying exercise, yoga, and a correct posture before you call on meds for help.