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Teenagers Protect Them Ears!



Rock Causes Ears to Block

A recent study found that 72% of teenagers at a rock concert experienced reduced hearing after exposure to loud music.

The research carried out by the House Research Institute’s National Teen Hearing Loss Initiative offered free tickets in order to reconstruct a typical rock concert and reached 110 dBA over a three hour 26 song set. The conditions of the concert were created to be as natural and as reflective of a normal concert as possible and use the same noise rates over a period of time similar to that of a similar concert.

Before the concert, the teenagers were given advice and facts about hearing loss and the importance of protecting ears during loud noisy periods. They were offered earplugs with only 3 out of 29 accepting to wear them.

As the findings show many experienced discomforts and a slight loss of hearing after the concert, which is of course a cause for concern, especially as they were informed about the risks beforehand. The study indicates that teenagers did not take the implications of listening to loud music seriously. This could lead to long term deafness; there are some traditional symptoms which may indicate a loss of hearing.


  • People appear to be mumbling when they talk to you
  • Always having the television turned up loudly
  • A lack of hearing when somebody calls you from another room or from behind, anywhere where it is not possible for you to read their lips.
  • Having to look at peoples lips as they speak to you so you can read what they are saying
  • Having trouble hearing in busy bustling areas such as buses, the street or at a party
  • Finding yourself faintly hearing regular sounds like doorbells and birds singing.

What To Do If You Have These Symptoms?

If you experience any prolonged hearing loss it is important to visit your doctor immediately. It may not necessarily indicate a permanent loss of hearing and could be easily addressed, however, if it is left it could develop into a more serious problem. The study carried out by the House Research Institute’s National Hearing Loss Initiative demonstrates how easy it is to damage your hearing on an everyday basis. Simply attending a concert can affect our hearing and such reports show the amount of care that should be taken to protect our ears.