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Which Dental Floss is Best For You



Do you ever wonder what type of Dental floss is best for you? Maybe your significant other uses a specific type but that kind hurts your gums. Not all floss is created equal and it is best to pick floss that is right for you.

You may hear your dentist say, “It doesn’t matter what type of floss you use, it is whatever type of dental floss you prefer and will actually use that matters.” There are many different types of floss but no matter what, make sure it is one you would use daily. Some people prefer wax others do not like wax.

Flossing is part of a good oral health routine. It cleans and clears away plaque that your toothbrush most often misses. Many people don’t floss regularly, but if you only brush your teeth and you do not floss, you’re only doing part of the work. Flossing daily is something everyone should do. But understand that there are many types of dental floss. You may get to the store and wonder “Which one should I buy?” Understand that using two different types of floss will not give you two different results. The reason you would choose one of the other is a personal preference. Any floss that gets used is good floss in our opinion.

There are generally two different types of dental floss: multifilament floss (such as nylon floss or silk floss), and monofilament floss (aka single filament), which are generally made of a type of rubber, plastic, or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

The nylon floss is more common. It’s the standard dental floss and has been around for a long time. Generic dental floss is most often nylon-based floss. You’ll also see a difference in price — nylon floss is much cheaper. Nylon floss comes in all manner of thicknesses and flavors and can be bought waxed or un-waxed.

Your monofilament floss is a newer technology, and since it isn’t a fabric like nylon, it doesn’t rip or tear. Since it’s so strong, a lot of people think it’s easier to use and pull between teeth. Both types of floss come in flavors. Mint flavors, cinnamon, bubblegum, etc.
Floss also comes in different thicknesses. This is important because not all mouths are the same in terms of spacing between your teeth.

Wax is there to help the floss squeeze between your teeth and is preferred by many because it feels better and is more comfortable. It’s all a matter of preference as there is no clinical difference. Waxed and un-waxed come in a variety of thicknesses (and flavors), so there are a ton of options available.