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How Can Slowing Down Enhance Your Intimacy



How Can Slowing Down Enhance Your Intimacy

As we grow older, we learn more about our shared intimacy, and it becomes a more complete experience. The sexual act takes on a brand-new meaning, which impacts us at a cell and organic level while affecting our biological system. It becomes psychological and spiritual. This article will examine how by slowing our body, we can add to the experience shared with our partner.

It starts with breathing

As in most situations in life, it is important in intimacy, to breathe right. When we enter into a physical relationship, especially if the partnership is new or recent, our breathing can become faster. Although it is normal, as we become aroused, it can also be caused by nervousness and anxiety. If uncontrolled, this may lead the person to freeze, being unable to enjoy the moment. Breathing right is something we can learn. Specialized websites, such as Intermittent Breathing, teach techniques that help to regain control and enjoy the moment.

Slowing Down and Listening to Your Senses.

To understand the atmosphere you will get into, by slowing down and listening to your senses, imagine a film where the director has decided to go into slow-motion, so you have time to notice all the various elements happening on screen. There is a sense of floating in the air as if everything was ethereal. That is the state you will be entering, once you are completely in touch with your senses.

The only way to do so is by slowing down everything, starting with your thoughts. Let them evade from you, one by one, as you focus on your senses. Don’t imagine what will be and the moments of intensity to come. Instead, feel the lightness of each touch, listen to the slightest sound you and your partners are making and discover the taste of your lovers’ skin. By removing everything else from your mind, your whole being will slow down, and you will intensely experience each second spent as if it lasted much longer.

An Augmented Power of Attention

When you enter such a state, it will propel you into a greater mode of attention. All will become clearer and as you gradually leave sensations behind, you will enter into an almost meditative state. If shared by both partners, this will feel like a communion of two beings. The knowledge of the union makes us feel more entwined with the other, yet at the same time, it also enables us to recognize the uniqueness of our body. This power of attention will bring you a deeper knowledge of the “you,” but also the “us” part of the couple.

Next time you share intimacy with your loved one, start slowing things down. It will bring you to a new level of serenity.