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State-of-the-Art Restorative Dental Procedures



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In some dental offices, you will find the state of the art technology that can make impressions for crowns and bridges, instead of a patient going through a difficult procedure where an impression mixture is put into one’s mouth so that a crown or a bridge can be made. Farmington dentists can give you information on the state of the art technology.

Then, there is the Wand. The Wand is used in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. It is a device that is computer controlled and used to give injections. However, it doesn’t have the look of a needle or the feel of a needle. This dental instrument lets the dentist give injections that are pain-free. This makes dentistry a lot less fearful for many. Farmington Dental Center has the technology you are looking for.

The Wand is easy for a dentist to use. The wand is small in size. Before using the Wand, a dentist rubs a topical anesthetic on the gums of a patient and then injects the Wand on the site where needed. It is important to note that the anesthetic is put on first before the injection; guaranteeing that the injection will be painless.

Then, there are digital x-rays with DEXIS. This x-ray system shows pictures of your teeth and mouth and is much more accurate than with traditional x-rays. These x-rays show a clearer picture and give an in-depth look at your teeth, mouth, and gums.

An Intra-Oral Camera is a camera that allows you to see what your fillings, teeth, and dental restorations look like. It shows which teeth need care and which are doing well.

Some dentists are now using magnification glasses. These glasses allow a dentist to see more clearly; to see images much larger than it would be under normal conditions. These magnifying glasses also help a dentist to do more accurate work. Farmington Dental Center can show you how new technology can make going to a dentist easier and with less pain.

Still another state of the art dental procedure is the Drill-less Dentistry. Instead of drilling a tooth and then filling it with an amalgam, air abrasion technology is used. Some think it works like sandblasting because it blows a strong air stream of tiny particles on the tooth that is being worked on. This is a quieter process and takes away the uncomfortable feeling that comes with a drill. Next, there is the CEREC System. This system is used when putting in crowns, inlays, and inlays. Only one appointment is needed when putting in crowns, inlays, and inlays. See your Farmington dentist, soon.