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Underneath the Skin of the Bariatric Diet



When your weight becomes a serious threat to your health and if dieting and exercise have failed to produce the desired results then bariatric surgery is your best option of attaining weight and a body mass index that is considered safe and healthy.

Bariatric surgery is considered to be major surgery and it is essential that after your surgery you remain vigilant with regards to exactly what food you choose to consume and what ingredients you put into your body. For example, following on from bariatric surgery many patients are typically advised to avoid bread and foods with high sugar content, whilst simultaneously advised to intake high levels of protein; this is a diet that warrants a fair amount of mental exercise in itself. Thankfully, there is an increasing number of bariatric stores that specifically cater to these dietary requirements and enable you to eat well and feel full without having to sacrifice on taste.

If you are considering undergoing bariatric surgery, have an upcoming appointment for bariatric surgery, or have previously undergone bariatric surgery then it is essential that you get into the right kind of eating habits and eat the correct kind of food. Of course, one of the reasons that you have found yourself with a high BMI in the first place may well be a result of the complexity of deciphering food labels in order to understand exactly how much of any given ingredient you are putting into your body.

Nutritional awareness across the globe is woefully low and for good reason. Few have the time nor the inclination to continually check the nutritional facts on the back of any given foodstuff; it’s written in minuscule writing, it’s time-consuming and it involves continual calculations with every meal; thus turning the preparation of food and the pleasure of eating it into something altogether more stressful and time-consuming.

The Bariatric Diet: A New Way to Live

Common traits of the long-term healthy are that they remain conscious of exactly what they are putting into their bodies and how much exercise they are getting. This does not necessarily have to involve the meticulous reading of the back of food packaging, spending hours at the gym or keeping a diary that details exactly how many calories, fat and salt are going into the body every day, but can instead simply be a case of taking moderate exercise and eating the right kinds of food.

Similarly, the same kind of fitness regime and eating habits benefit those living a bariatric lifestyle. Your exercise needn’t be exhaustive; a good thirty minute walk each day will suffice, whilst eating bariatric food supplements will cut out any worry involved in relation to what you are putting into your body, enabling you to enjoy what you are eating without having to continually check the back of each packet and worry about exactly what you are eating.

Bariatric of the Trade

The key to a bariatric diet is to eat food that is high in protein as this takes longer to digest than carbohydrates and so helps you to feel fuller for longer. The increasing popularity of bariatric surgery has led to growing numbers of companies developing and selling products that are high in such proteins and aimed specifically at people who have undergone bariatric surgery. A bariatric store can offer you a wide range of products designed to please the taste buds as well as the waistline. Additionally, all products available through leading bariatric stores are appropriate for consumption following bariatric surgery and are potion controlled. Thus, each product offers you the peace of mind that you are eating something that is completely safe and healthy for you.

Bariatric Variety is the Spice of Life

It is important that you incorporate proper bariatric eating habits into your diet and a bariatric store can offer you a complete range of foodstuffs that are designed especially for you. Bariatric stores offer the discerning customer food products that satisfy your hunger throughout the course of the day.


The bariatric breakfast can be as varied and tasty as a regular breakfast, with the added benefit of also being incredibly healthy. The options available to you include cheese omelets, cereals, pastries, hotcakes, and porridge.

Lunch and Dinner

With a bariatric main meal, your serving is portion-controlled whilst also being high in protein and low in calories. The range of bariatric meals available to anyone on a bariatric diet is proof positive that just because you are restricted to a calorie-controlled intake you need not similarly be restricted by the types of food available to you. Bariatric lunches and dinners available include pasta; chili; lasagne; meatballs; vegetable stew; casserole; beef stroganoff; pork and pizzas allowing you to create a veritable feast that’s not only healthy and satisfying but also very tasty.

Desserts and Snacks

Desserts and snacks available to those adhering to a bariatric diet include yogurts, crisps, chocolate chip biscuits, pretzels, and puddings in a range of flavors.

A bariatric store can help those who wish to follow a bariatric lifestyle to plan and implement the necessary changes to their diet without sacrificing on taste or variety. You can still eat all of your favorites, with the added benefit that you’ll be eating food that provides you with the right kind of nutrients and isn’t damaging towards your health.