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Turning the Kids’ Old Bedroom into Something More Useful



The kids have flown the coop! Hurry—transform their old bedrooms into something more useful before they change their minds and come back.

With a little remodeling, you can add a new element to your home that you never had before: an office, a guest bedroom, a library, or even a storage room.

Regardless of your available funds, you can make this change easily and quickly; so easily, in fact, that your kids won’t even know what to think when they come back to visit for the holidays. (At least you’ve got plenty of couch space!)

On to the ideas:

The Office

 Though it may be difficult to finally remodel a room that hasn’t changed in 23 years, your kids won’t miss it. Now that they’ve got rooms of their own, you’re free to rip out that old wallpaper and border, do away with the furniture and replace the ceiling fan with old mobile strings still hanging from it.

Try installing some dark paneling, oak or chestnut furniture and even hang your old degrees and certifications you’ve earned but never had room to display. Whenever you do room additions or renovations, take the time to check the electrical outlets while the furniture is removed. It’s one of those things you realize you wish you did when you had the chance.

Guests Please

 As you get older, you may find more uses for a guest bedroom that you did when your kids were around. When your old friends come to visit, your family stops by unannounced or even your son and his new girlfriend come home for thanksgiving (remember, still lots of couch space for him!), you’ll have a place to put them.

The advantage here is that you don’t necessarily have to get rid of the furniture from the kid’s room, you just have to re-do the theme. Go with more muted colors, simple decorations, and plenty of empty drawers for your guests to put their things. Oh, and a small TV in the corner never hurt either.

Something New Altogether

 These days, it’s not unheard of to do something creative with extra bedrooms. You can set up a quilting room, a candle-making lab, or another endeavor you always wanted to undertake but never had space.

Or you can get really creative and have kitchen remodelers turn that lower-level bedroom into a working bar, complete with running water, heavy-duty electrical outlets, and even a dishwasher.

But be careful with this last idea, you may attract your kids home faster than you expected.