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The Rise Of The Hula Hoop



The new leading fitness craze is something that will definitely take you back to your childhood and something that many people can’t believe. Hula hooping is said to burn as many calories as running on a treadmill (100 every ten minutes) and it’s definitely much more fun. This is an exercise that’s great for everyone, it’s not harsh on the joints and it definitely won’t get boring.

Many people think that hula hoops are a new thing, by new I mean 1950s and 60s era, but this is most definitely not the case. In fact, hula hoops in a fashion have been around for thousands of years however, what we know today to be the hula hoop is thanks to some sailors who observed the movement of the hula dancer is a little like a hoop. In 1958 in the USA a company called ‘Wham-O’ released the hula hoop as we know it today and it’s been a firm favorite ever since.

Nowadays hula hoops come in many different styles; as well as the variation on colors and patterns there’s also a variation on size and weight. Children’s hula hoops are still as light as ever but those that are great for exercise are weighted; you have to move forwards and backward rather than moving your hips around, it is this movement that will help tone you up in all the right places. However, if you are thinking of taking up hula hooping regularly it’s important that you choose the right hoop. It’s recommended that the hoop you choose has a diameter that is between the height of your waist (from the ground) and the height of your chest. If you hula hoops a lot and wants to get more from your workout then choose a lighter hoop as it will take more to keep it in the right place.

The exercise hoop dance is similar to the traditional hula dance but it’s been notched up a little to make it more beneficial. There is also a form of modern hoop dance that incorporates a mixture of traditional hula hooping, belly dancing and hip hop. Hoop dancing is a great way to tone up, strengthen your muscles, and lose weight. It’s proven that regular exercise not only makes you look better, it also makes you feel better and puts you in a great mood. So, if you can gain all that from any old exercise, imagine what a fun, light-hearted, and childlike exercise will make you feel like.